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Jay Leno Drove to His Wife Instead of the Hospital After Suffering Serious Burns on His Face

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by MEGA/GC Images)

Jay Leno decided going home to his wife instead of a hospital was the best option in the wake of his gas fire accident.

“I drove home right after that,” Leno revealed to Hoda Kotb on the TODAY Show. Leno confirmed that he was behind the wheel and decided to spend the night at home after the accident. This was instead of a hospital bed. “My wife doesn’t drive anymore,” Leno said. “I didn’t want her struck and not knowing what was going on. It just seemed like the right thing to do, and I think it was.”

Jay Leno Tried Cleaning Out Clogged Fuel Line In His Car

“So you loved your wife more than you worried about yourself,” Kotb asked Leno. “Yeah that’s it,” Leno said sarcastically. He then added, “I think there’s something to that.” The incident occurred at his Burbank garage. Everything happened when Leno was working on his 1907 white steam car. He realized that the fuel line was clogged. Leno happened to have been underneath the car. He was trying to unclog the line when he asked for air to be blown through.

“Suddenly, I get a face full of gas and the pilot light jumped, and my face caught on fire,” Leno said of the accident. His good friend Dave Killackey was there and helped out Jay Leno. “I just grabbed him…I grabbed him by the head and I pulled his head into my chest,” Killackey said to Kotb, Fox News reports.

“I thought it was a bad Tinder date,” Leno joked of Killackey’s actions. Killackey described Leno’s face as “a wall of fire.” He told Leno to go and “put cold water on his face” in the bathroom. Leno, while recovering, has received a lot of cards and flowers alongside get-well-soon wishes from many people. Leno even received a phone call from President Joe Biden.

“‘I’m surprised you don’t have more important things to do, but thank you, Mr. President,'” Jay Leno said of his reaction to having the President of the United States giving him a personal message. Just days after his release from the hospital, Leno was back performing a stand-up comedy routine at a location in California. The TODAY Show segment was the comedian’s first in-depth interview after his accident. As you can tell from this story, Leno is back to driving now that he’s out of the hospital.