Jay Leno Suffers Serious Burns: See Photos of His Bandaged Hands From His Recovery

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by: Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Jay Leno is undergoing treatment at the Grossman Burn Center after a gasoline fire left him with serious injuries. The comedian hasn’t shared much information about the incident or his current condition, but a photo taken from inside the hospital proves that the burns are extensive.

Inside Edition recently interviewed the 72-year-old’s head physician, Dr. Peter Grossman, and he gave insight into Leno’s treatment plan, which includes spending time in a hyperbaric chamber. The chamber helps by reducing swelling and the spread of bacteria while increasing “blood flow and oxygenation.” 

While explaining the process, Grossman shared a video of Jay Leno laying in the chamber and talking to a staff member. The picture doesn’t show his face, but it does show his left arm, which is covered in heavy gauze. We can also see his right hand, and that too is wrapped in dressings.

Jay Leno has third-degree burns on his face, arms, hands, and chest, and doctors believe he’ll be in the hospital for up to ten days.

Jay Leno Says Friend Saved His Life

In a separate report, Inside Edition revealed that the incident happened when the actor’s 1907 steam car burst into flames. Leno was attempting to fix a clogged fuel line when gasoline sprayed in his face. A spark then ignited an explosion.

Jay Leno said he could have died, but a friend jumped on him and put out the flames.

While Leno has been in the hospital, he’s had grafts from donor skin, according to Dr. Grossman. And he’ll have another surgical procedure later this week. Leno will likely have scarring for the “foreseeable future,” but his doctors hope to remove all traces of those scars in the long term.

Dr. Grossman also shared that the former Tonight Show host is in good condition. Over the past few days, he’s felt well enough to get up and walk around. He’s also been “cracking jokes” with the staff. And a few days ago, he helped pass cookies out to the younger patients in the center.

Dr. Grossman had more good news to share as well. Because Jay Leno has been keeping a positive mindset through his tragedy, the doctor believes that he’ll be back to work sooner than we know.

“As I’m getting to learn about Jay, I don’t think it’s going to be months,” he said. ” I really think he’s the type of guy who’s just going to move forward.”