Jay Leno Undergoes Surgery After Suffering Serious Burns

by Suzanne Halliburton
Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Jay Leno faces another surgery after undergoing one earlier this week to treat the burns he suffered after one of his vintage cars caught on fire.

Dr. Peter H Grossman, who is with the Grossman Burn Center in Los Angeles provided an update for reporters, Wednesday, on Leno’s condition. Grossman confirmed Leno already had one surgery and would need a second procedure. Leno suffered second and third-degree burns on his face, hands and chest after his 1907 steam car blew while inside his Burbank garage. In fact, Grossman described some of Leno’s burns as “deep second-degree.”

Grossman described Leno as an “ideal” patient as the comedian entertains the doctors, nurses and patients. Leno initially said he’d be back to his normal life schedule in about two weeks. But doctors pushed back that timeline.

“He’s walking around and cracking jokes,” Grossman told reporters.. He’s incredibly kind to our nursing staff. (And) he’s very appreciative of everybody here and really an ideal patient.”

Jay Leno and CNBC chairman Marc Hoffman attended the season two premiere of “Jay Leno’s Garage.” (Photo by Michael Boardman/Getty Images)

Doctor Said Jay Leno Needs to Slow Down to Make Full Recovery

Earlier in the week, Grossman said Jay Leno handed out cookies to some children being treated at the hospital’s pediatric unit. But here’s why Leno may need some time to get back to his normal self. He suffered some third-degree burns, which means they have reached the fat layer underneath the skin. Plus, third-degree burns can cause nerve damage. Second-degree burns impact the first two layers of skin and may cause swelling and blisters. Both categories of burns can be quite painful.

Grossman said of Jay Leno:

“I think he understands that he needs to perhaps take it a little slower than he initially anticipated. But I do feel he will be back to work at some point soon, and back to things he loves to do obviously, which is working on cars and going out and meeting people.”

Jay Leno, the one-time host of “The Tonight Show,” collects vintage cars. He’s also turned his passion into a TV project on CNBC. It’s called “Jay Leno’s Garage.” He also hosts a “You Bet Your Life,” a revival of the popular game show. It airs on FOX. 

The accident happened last weekend. Leno was fixing a fuel line. The gasoline in the line caught fire. A quick-thinking friend jumped on Leno to smother the flames.

The good news is that doctors expect Leno to make a full recovery from his burns. Plus, the burns didn’t damage his eyes or ears.