Jeff Bridges Reveals He Worked With a Trainer So He Could Walk His Daughter Down the Aisle

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Disney+)

Jeff Bridges is an amazing actor who has played a lot of different roles but his role as a father means a lot to him, too. See, Bridges had a desire to want to walk his daughter down the aisle to get married. But he had a lot of major health issues that were really causing him a lot of trouble. Bridges opened up about the situation in an interview. He had to overcome some serious stuff so he could be by the side of his daughter Hayley in August 2021.

Bridges was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma back in October 2020. He then would get COVID-19 in January 2021. He was definitely battling some serious health stuff. Thankfully, his cancer is in remission at this time. Bridges let the world know about that matter late last year.

Jeff Bridges Fought For His Life After Getting Very Sick

“The first goal was how long can I stand up,” Bridges said in an interview with The Independent. The Oscar-winning actor would just be able to stand for 45 seconds at the time. But he started working with a trainer. See, Bridges wanted to increase the number of steps he could take. He also wanted to stabilize his breathing while also using oxygen assistance. Bridges said that working with a trainer only pushed him to work harder.

“Finally, one day I said, ‘Maybe I can do it, you know,'” Jeff Bridges said. “And it turns out I not only got to walk her down the aisle, but I got to do the wedding dance. That was terrific.” Hayley ended up marrying Justin Shane at Kestrel Park in Santa Ynez, California.

But Hayley told Brides that Bridges actually did give a welcome speech. She said that it “touched on a trait of Justin’s that I also mentioned in my vows, which is that kids and dogs love him.” She added, “I believe this to be an example of his wonderful energy.” Meanwhile, Bridges did share with PEOPLE in May 2022 that he spent almost five months in the hospital. That was when his health struggles were really bad.

“I had no defenses,” Jeff Bridges said. “That’s what chemo does — it strips you of all your immune system. I had nothing to fight it. COVID made my cancer look like nothing.” Bridges said he couldn’t even roll over in bed without calling the nurse. He needed her help with oxygen. “I was pretty close to dying,” Bridges said. “The doctors kept telling me, ‘Jeff, you’ve got to fight. You’re not fighting.’ I was in surrender mode. I was ready to go. I was dancing with my mortality.”