Jeff Bridges Says Fans ‘Saved’ His Life During COVID, Cancer Battles

by Craig Garrett

Veteran actor Jeff Bridges attributes his rebound from a series of serious health issues to support of family and fans. On October 19, 2020 Bridges announced that he was in treatment for Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. To make matters worse, the True Grit star contracted a serious case of Covid-19 while undergoing chemotherapy.

Bridges went into detail about his health battles during a recent Good Morning America interview. “Well dealing with the cancer, you know, having chemo treatments that stripped my immune system,” Bridges told GMA host Lara Spencer. “And once I got the COVID, I had nothing to fight it within my body. So that was pretty tough.”

Jeff Bridges credits energy from fans for improving his health

Bridges went on to explain how his health improved after such a dire turn. “Family and fans, and you feel all that love and energy coming,” detailed Bridges. “That can’t help but make you feel better. Probably saved my life feeling all that love coming.”

The Crazy Heart star further elaborated on the benefits of fan support saying, “It kind of enhanced my outlook. It was basically the same outlook, but everything got a chance to get more intense. You know, you feel that love, not only the love that’s coming at you, but how much love you feel for everybody.”

The ‘Old Man’ transcends Bridges’ expectations

Jeff Bridges was in the middle of filming for his upcoming FX series The Old Man when he was diagnosed with cancer. Production was paused so Bridges could undergo treatment and focus on his health. However, the cancer went into remission back in September of 2021.

With a clean bill of health, production resumed. “You have high expectations going into projects,” Bridges explained on GMA. “On the rare occasion when those expectations are transcended, that’s what keeps you coming back,” he said in regards to The Old Man.

Though promoting The Old Man, there’s one topic that frequently still comes up: His iconic comedic turn as The Dude in The Big Lebowski. Bridges admitted that he still loves being associated with the role. “Oh yeah, I love it,” he told GMA. “I’m so proud of being involved in that picture. You know, [The Big Lebowski directors] the Cohen Brothers… they’re masters and know how to do it. Just like falling off a log,” the actor quipped.

The Old Man follows an rogue CIA agent Dan Chase (Bridges), who lives off the grid. Chase is brought out of hiding after an assassin tries to take him down. Now in the open, Chase has to avoid the elite counter intelligence authorities while also investigating who is trying to have him killed. “His past is catching up with him,” Bridges said of his character.

The Old Man drops June 16th.