Jennifer Aniston Faces Backlash for Claiming Internet Has ‘People Becoming Famous for Doing Basically Nothing’

by Emily Morgan

Veteran actress Jennifer Aniston is facing backlash for her comments about fame, with some calling her “out of touch.” 

The 53-year-old recently sat down with fellow actor Sebastian Stan during an Actors on Actors interview for Variety. When the topic of fame arose, the “Friends” alum spoke on how people like Paris Hilton and Monica Lewinsky reached stardom thanks to internet culture.

When they discussed the infamous Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape, Anniston spoke about internet culture.

“It was right at the time when the internet really shaped a new culture about people becoming famous,” she said to Stan, who plays Tommy Lee in the Hulu series “Pam and Tommy.”

“This thing of people becoming famous for basically doing nothing. I mean — Paris Hilton, Monica Lewinsky, all those.”

Someone leaked Hilton’s sex tape with then-boyfriend Rick Salomon on the internet in 2004. In 1998, Lewinsky found herself at the center of a sex scandal with former President Bill Clinton.

She added, “I feel so lucky that we got a little taste of the industry before it became what it is today. More streaming services. You’re famous from TikTok, you’re famous from YouTube, you’re famous from Instagram.” She also said, “It’s almost, like, it’s diluting the actor’s job.”

Following the interview, Aniston faced swift backlash, with users calling her out for her “out of touch” comments, referencing that her parents were the famous actors, Nancy Dow and John Aniston.

Users divided over Jennifer Aniston’s controversial comments

Although the Just Go With It actress has yet to respond to the criticism, some fans defended her comments. They argued that they believe the increase in social media platforms has meant that companies are giving influencers roles that would have otherwise gone to actors. On the contrary, some felt that her comments seemed slightly off-hand in the context.

Someone wrote, “Jennifer Aniston (nepotism baby) wants to talk about diluting the actors’ job. right.” Someone else said, “In a way I see what she’s saying but also both her parents are actors.”

“Both her parents were experienced actors lol,” another Twitter user wrote. “If someone has talent and the only thing keeping them from success is the NEPOTISM *ahem*, discrimination, scarcity of opportunity in general. Why shouldn’t they use these networks to build a platform for themselves?”

However, some defended Aniston. They argued that she was right to say that the internet and social media platforms have changed who gets gigs. 

 “She’s not wrong… the early 00’s was revolutionizing. You actually had to have talent,” one fan wrote.

“She kind of has a point though. Trained actors and those just coming out of training have been getting sidelined for influencers with no training whatsoever for a while now. And it’s happening across the board, no matter the race/class. Usually those influencers are white, too,” another added.