Jennifer Connelly’s Husband Paul Bettany Reacts to ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Box Office Sweep

by Samantha Whidden

As Top Gun: Maverick continues to sweep the box office and take out Avengers: Infinity War as the sixth-grossing movie in domestic box office history, Jennifer Connelly’s husband and Marvel star Paul Bettany has some thoughts about the Top Gun sequel’s success. 

In his Instagram post on Saturday (August 20th), Paul Bettany shared a screenshot of Variety’s Top Gun: Maverick Takes Down Avengers: Infinity War as Sixth Highest Grossing Movie in Domestic Box Office History article. “I’m just never gonna live this down in my house,” Bettany declared in the post’s caption. 

According to the Variety article, Connelly’s Top Gun: Maverick has scored $683 million in North America’s box office. This notably was enough to overtake Paul Bettany’s Avengers: Infinity War, which grabbed $678 million. Meanwhile, the Top Gun sequel is not too far from the number one domestic box office film and fellow Marvel flick Black Panther, which nabbed $700.4 million during its run in 2018. 

As previously reported, Top Gun: Maverick made its theatrical debut on Memorial Day weekend and had an opening record of $160.5 million. The film has remained in the top five on weekend charts for 10 weeks before dropping to sixth place on its 11th weekend. The action-packed film is considered Tom Cruise’s first film to surpass $100 million in a single weekend and his first to reach $1 billion at the worldwide box office. 

Jennifer Connelly Calls Making ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ So Much Fun and Exciting 

While speaking to ScreenRant earlier this summer, Jennifer Connelly opened up about being part of the Top Gun: Maverick cast. 

“It was so much fun,” Connelly said. “Just the experience of making it was so much fun, and it’s really exciting. People, I think, are really ready to see another installment of Top Gun. And they seem to be really loving it, the people who have seen it.”

When asked if she would be interested in returning for another Top Gun film, Connelly declared, “Of course, I’m game. If they want me, for sure, I’ll be there. I was so thrilled when Joe Kosinski called me. He directed the movie, and I’d worked with him before on a movie called Only the Brave. I was excited to work with him because I adore him; he’s a great director.”

Connelly also recalled the conversation she and the Top Gun: Maverick director had about the film. “And then he said, ‘It’s about Top Gun. I’ll send you the script.’ That moment, I was like, ‘Yes, I’m in. I mean, yes, send me the script. But yes, okay!’” she noted. The actress went on to add, “It was really a joy to be part of this.”