Jennifer Grey Speaks Out About Patrick Swayze, ‘Dirty Dancing’ Sequel

by Megan Molseed

Sure, we all know that “nobody puts Baby in the corner.” But can anyone step into the dancing shoes of the legendary Patrick Swayze? Well, says Jennifer Grey, Swayze’s costar in the iconic dance flick, Dirty Dancing this is not a viable option. In fact, the star says, developing the much-anticipated Dirty Dancing sequel is a “tricky” task without the late actor who portrayed the tough dancer with a heart of gold, Johnny Castle.

“There will never be another Johnny,” Jennifer Grey says of Swayze’s iconic Dirty Dancing character.

“There will never be another Patrick,” the actress adds. Grey goes on to say that while the upcoming film will be a Dirty Dancing “sequel,” it will work as a stand-alone story.

“This sequel has got to be its own standalone piece,” she explains. “It’s very tricky.” Swayze passed away in 2009 from pancreatic cancer.

Celebrating 35 Years Of Dirty Dancing Magic

This year, the iconic dance flick is celebrating 35 years of film history. Dirty Dancing is set in 1963 and follows the story of a dance instructor, Johnny Castle (Swayze) who falls for a guest, Grey’s Frances “Baby” Houseman at an upscale resort named Kellermans. Love and passions bloom while the two prepare for a dance competition.

And, recently a sequel to the hit was announced. This story notes early descriptions will be taking place in the 1990s. Director Jonathon Levine is directing the film. Levine has also co-written the script that, reports note, might be “exploring” a reunion of the film’s original cast.

“What happened happened,” Jennifer Grey says of the iconic film

“And that will never happen again,” the actress continues of the undeniable magic she and Swayze created on screen together in the original film.

The Dirty Dancing Sequel Will Bring Back Jennifer Grey’s “Baby” Houseman

When discussing the upcoming Dirty Dancing sequel, Jennifer Grey notes that there is already a script put together. And, while she can’t reveal much, her famous character will be returning to the big screen.

“I can’t tell you much, sadly,” Grey says.

“But I will tell you that it will involve Baby,” the actress teases. And, the star notes, the original setting of the 1987 film, Kellerman’s resort, will be a part of the sequel as well.

“It’s going to be Kellerman’s, music, dancing, love story, romance,” Grey says, adding that she is “super committed and invested in making it a fresh (take).” And, the star says, the characters will reflect the time period.

“Unless there’s a lot of CGI, Baby’s going to be a little older,” she adds with a laugh.

Jennifer Grey Discusses “Tensions” Between Her And Swayze

While Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze lit the screen on fire, the actors weren’t bonding quite as well behind the scenes. However, Grey says, these tensions likely helped them on screen.

“The same way Baby and Johnny were not supposed to be together … a natural match, right?” Grey explains.

“And we weren’t a natural match,” she continues.

“And the fact that we needed to be a natural match created a tension. Because normally when someone’s not a natural, you… both people move on,” she says. “But we were forced to be together. And our being forced to be together created a kind of a synergy, or like a friction.”