Jerry Seinfeld’s Surprising New Gig Is Getting Absolutely Roasted Online

by Craig Garrett

Jerry Seinfeld is possibly one of our biggest tv icons and comedians, but now he’s conquering a new frontier … fashion. Aside from wearing a famously puffy shirt on an episode of his series, Seinfeld isn’t really known for his style. So, it came as a surprise to many when Kith, a New York streetwear brand, selected the 68-year-old as the face of its new line.

Earlier this week, the label released a collection of campaign photos that instantly generated headlines. The images show Jerry Seinfeld perched on antique furniture, leaning on stacks of dusty volumes, and sitting at a desk with a typewriter taken by renowned photographer Mark Seliger. Jerry’s wife, Jessica, was so proud of the photoshoot that she shared it on her Instagram.

“Back to school with @kith,” she captioned the images“Dreamed up by a good boy from Queens, Kith founder @ronniefieg. Shot by His Excellency @markseliger.” The comedian is wearing a range of Kith’s new hoodies, sweatpants, varsity jackets, and floral prints. Kith was developed alongside clothing brand Russell Athletic and the City University of New York (namely Brooklyn College and Queens College). Interestingly, Queens College is where Jerry Seinfeld graduated from 46 years ago.

Jerry Seinfeld’s modeling gets mixed feedback

Seinfeld has been compared to a “Web3 startup founder,” a “hip-hop mixtape DJ,” and even the likes of Steve Jobs on social media for his eclectic style in the photos. “The Jerry Seinfeld for Kith collection looks like everyone who tried to sell me drugs in high school,” reporter Connor D. Wolf tweeted. “Wait, when did Jerry sign with Roc-A-Fella?” read another tweet.

Of course, Seinfeld and Kith did get support elsewhere. “Let’s see, [people] get upset when Brad Pitt wears a skirt, or Timmie C wears a backless blouse, and now Jerry here is mocked for wearing streetwear,” tweeted on fan. “Do y’all want these men to buy their clothes at Costco? I don’t understand all the criticism.”

Soon, the discussion no longer concerned whether he looked cool. It was also about whether or not the pushing 70 year old comic appeared… attractive.

“Does Jerry Seinfeld look hot in Kith?” pondered The Cut. The Daily Beast was more on front street with their take. “I regret to inform you that Jerry Seinfeld is hot.” The creator of Kith, Ronnie Fieg, who launched the label in 2011, has called Seinfeld one of his heroes. “There are a handful of people that I’ve dreamed of working with from a young age,” Fieg wrote on Instagram. “On the very top of that list was Jerry.” The designer is no stranger to mature models. Steve Buscemi modeled Kith’s 2022 Spring collection. The 61-year-old actor donned the apparel line in a series of photos set against colorful flower beds.