Jim Carrey Reflects on His ‘Weird’ Relationship With ‘Full House’ Star Bob Saget

by Alex Falls

The comedy world lost a huge personality earlier this year when Bob Saget tragically passed away. Even eight months removed from the unfortunate news, actors and entertainers are still offering their remembrances of the fallen comedian. Comedy legend Jim Carrey touched on his relationship with Saget during an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Carrey looked up to Saget early on in his career. As a young comedian in Toronto, Saget would often visit the comedy clubs in his area and they developed a kinship as fellow “circus geeks.”

“He was a friend early on,” he shared. “He came into Toronto to play Yuk Yuk’s, and his act was solid, his persona was worked out, he had this wonderful kind of freakiness [and] freedom in his work that would stick with people for months after he left.”

The two comedy icons never got the chance to work together on screen. But behind the scenes, Saget was a helpful voice to Carrey as he started his ascent in Hollywood. Carrey said they bonded based on the “weird” and similar senses of humor.

“I asked him about Hollywood, and he was one of the first people to say, ‘Here’s what it’s like, and give me a call when you get there,’ and I did, so we kept in touch after that,” Carrey continued. “He was just a wonderful guy, and we had the weirdest relationship because we both loved weird pantomime, so whenever we saw each other… we’d start going into this pantomime, crossbows shooting each other and stuff like that.”

Jim Carrey’s Next Project

Carrey of course went on to become one of the biggest comedic names in Hollywood. He’s starred in many all-time great comedies and even acclaimed dramas. But he’s recently taken a bit of a break from the world of movies and TV. Now he’s moving on to a new challenge where he’s sharing his art as NFT projects.

“What’s wonderful about all of this art business is I’ve come full circle to realize that the simplest aspect of art is that you create this image or this invention on a canvas. Which to me represents consciousness,” he explained. “In a fun way, this is kind of like an analogous thing to do, you know, to all of my beliefs… It’s great — I don’t have to just be one thing, I can be a billion things.”

“It’s really wonderful and it doesn’t take too much time and it just hopefully touches people and they walk away going like, ‘Oh, that was cool,’ you know?” Carrey added. “And I don’t have to spend four months in a character… which can be taxing. I am willing to do it, but it can make a head case out of somebody.”