Joe E. Tata Dies: Fans React To the ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Star’s Death

by Shelby Scott

Less than two weeks after Beverly Hills, 90210 actress Denise Dowse passed away, fans have been forced to bid goodbye to another beloved star. Known for his role as the show’s Peach Pit owner Nat, Joe E Tata has passed away at 85.

Per this American Entertainment article, Joe E Tata’s death was confirmed in an Instagram post from actor Ian Ziering who played Steve Sanders in Beverly Hills, 90210. The Beverly Hills star said in his post, “In the last few months, we’ve lost Jessica Klein one of 90210’s most prolific writers and producers, Denise [Dowse] who played Mrs. Teasely, and now I’m very sad to say Joe E Tata has passed away.”

Fans, recalling Tata as the beloved Peach Pit owner, took to social media to mourn the TV show’s latest loss.

“Treat yourself to a slice of peach pie,” one 90210 fan wrote, “for the great Joe E. Tata.”

Other Tata fans pointed out the number of 90210 stars that have passed recently in posts of their own.

“Oh man,” one fan Tweeted. “A lot of #BeverlyHill90210 losses lately. Rest in peace, Joe E. Tata. Peach Pit forever!”

A third fan shared a more emotional tribute to the 90210 star in a post of their own.

Before his August death, Joe E Tata appeared in 238 episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210. Aside from the show’s lead cast, which portrayed a close-knit group of high school kids, Tata appeared more frequently than any other grown character.

Joe E. Tata’s 90210 Costar Shares Emotional Tribute Following His Death

In announcing Tata’s death on Instagram, Ziering also shared a touching tribute to the Beverly Hills, 90210 star. After breaking the news, he continued in his post, “Joey was truly an OG, I remember seeing him on the Rockford Files with James Garner years before we worked together on 90210.”

The actor went a little further into detailing Joe E. Tata’s career, reminding us that aside from The Rockford Files and 90210, he also often played villainous background roles in the original Batman series.

He continued, “One of the happiest people I’ve ever worked with, he was as generous with his wisdom as he was with his kindness. Though the Peach Pit was a 90210 set, It often felt like the backdrop to the Joe E Tata show.”

While Joe E Tata’s death is disheartening for many Beverly Hills, 90210 fans, it didn’t come as quite a shock. According to TMZ, Tata had struggled with Alzheimer’s disease for several years after initially receiving the diagnosis in 2014.

Aside from The Rockford Files, 90210, and Batman, Joe E Tata also boasts acting credits in Magnum P.I., Hill Street Blues, and The A-Team.