John Stamos Drops Mary-Kate and Ashley Throwback From ‘Full House’ Days: PHOTO

by Suzanne Halliburton

What’s cuter than a Full House throwback photo with Uncle Jesse posing with the twins who played Michelle Tanner? In other words, John Stamos showed off a vintage snap of himself along with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Stamos tossed it back to the early 1990s and Full House earlier this week. He added that he was prompted by something his son said.

Stamos captioned his Instagram snap: “In honor of my son, whom, at dinner tonight when I asked him to sit down and finish his food, he replied (in a bit of a mocking tone), “You got it, dude!”

There’s no word on whether Stamos’ son also used the thumbs up sign when passing along this classic Michelle Tanner phrase. Although the show went off the air in 1995, “You got it dude” has been the subject of so many memes. No doubt, the creators of said memes watched the show in reruns since Full House is a feature of classic TV.

Need a Full House refresher? Check out this montage.

John Stamos now is 58. He married wife Caitlin McHugh in 2018. That same year, Caitlin gave birth to the couple’s son, Billy. So that means Billy is about the same age as the Olsen twins were in the photo Stamos shared. Stamos also was part of the Full House revival — Fuller House.

Sadly, the Full House family suffered a significant loss in January. That’s when Bob Saget, who portrayed Danny Tanner, died in his hotel room after a comedy gig in Orlando, Fla. Saget’s wife, Kelly Rizzo, recently gifted her husband’s guitar to Stamos.

“She knows how much John and her husband loved to play music together,” a source told US magazine. “She felt it was an appropriate gift to pass on.”

Surely Stamos cherished the guitar. When he learned of Saget’s death, he wrote on social media: “I am gutted.” He also said that he’d “never ever have another friend” like Saget. … “I love you so much Bobby,” he wrote.

The Olsen twins will be 36 next month. Although they shared the role of Michelle, they probably are the most successful Full House alums. They’ve been working since the age of nine months. That’s when they joined the cast of Full House.

They’ve since expanded beyond acting. Celebrity Net Worth said the two, combined, have wealth of about $500 million. The twins still were in elementary school when the twins representatives founded Dualstar Entertainment Group in 1993.They became co-presidents of the company at age 18. The two have licensed their images on all sorts of items. And, they also have a fashion line.