John Stamos Reveals Feelings on a ‘Full-House’ Spinoff Without Bob Saget

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

John Stamos is beloved for playing Uncle Jesse on Full House and even showing up in the Netflix sequel Fuller House. One person that both shows loved having on there was Bob Saget. Danny Tanner was just a great character people could love on a whole lot. Fans of both shows would love to see another sequel pop up on their TV screens. Sadly, Saget is now dead and Stamos is faced with the question a lot. Namely, would you do another show, another spinoff, without Saget around? Stamos offers up a compelling answer here.

“It’s just not the same without him,” Stamos told E! News, according to CinemaBlend. “There’s something missing, there’s a piece missing. We’re doing a lot of tributes. I did that Netflix tribute [June’s Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute], which was beautiful, I thought. Every chance I get, I talk about him. If we’re real quiet, we could hear him complaining right now that I don’t talk about him enough. We’ll continue to do tributes to him, but I don’t know about a Full House one, though.”

John Stamos Called Out Tony Awards Over Bob Saget Snub

Stamos did mention the tribute show on Netflix, which was full of laughs and good memories. Yet there was one show back in the summertime that, for some reason, didn’t include Saget. Stamos did call out the Tony Awards for leaving Saget out of their “In Memoriam” remembrance moment. Stamos wrote on Twitter back in June, “Disappointed to hear that @bobsaget will be LEFT OUT of the In Memoriam segment tonight @TheTonyawards. Bob was brilliant in The Drowsy Chaperone & Hand to God. Come on @BroadwayLeague and @TheWing! Do the right thing! Bob loved Broadway and I know the community loved him.”

Another tribute moment that happened comes from Stamos appearing with The Beach Boys. They actually did work together and Stamos really enjoyed going on stage with the famed musical group. PEOPLE reports that Stamos and The Beach Boys performed Forever in tribute to Bob Saget. They also had a moment with Stamos hanging out with Uncle Jesse’s band Jesse and the Rippers. There happened to be a photo of Saget above everyone on a big screen. On it, they had a famed Danny Tanner quote, “I wish that for you all.”

Looking back on what Stamos said earlier, doing tributes to Saget will keep him alive in people’s memories. Not that a tribute alone will do so. Full House can be seen on TV in some markets these days. The cast and different episodes are still remembered by people. If there will be no new Full House sequel involving John Stamos, then maybe it’s a good thing just to keep the shows and memories as they are now.