John Wayne: Here’s Why His Costar Ann-Margret Refused to Call Him ‘The Duke’

by Joe Rutland

Imagine not calling John Wayne “The Duke” at all. Well, one of his costars sure didn’t do it but Ann-Margret wasn’t being nasty. The actress appeared with Wayne in a 1973 movie titled “The Train Robbers.” She happened to talk about why she didn’t call him by his famed nickname a number of years ago.

John Wayne Costar Ann-Margret Didn’t Call Him ‘The Duke’ For A Good Reason

“When I came to this country, first of all, mother and I didn’t know English,” Ann-Margret said in an interview with Interview. “I would curtsey, then say, “Thank you,” and then when I was leaving, curtsey. For example, we went to Dallas to introduce a film I did with John Wayne. And I never called him Duke. I just couldn’t. That’s the way I was raised. When you meet someone, you say either Mr. or Mrs. or Miss. You stand up. I think you were taught the same things.”

For Ann-Margret, it was all about manners with John Wayne. The actress, who also appeared in the Elvis Presley film “Viva Las Vegas” and in the classic movie “Bye Bye Birdie,” has been making her mark in show business for decades. According to IMDb, “The Train Robbers” was about “a gunhand named Lane is hired by a widow, Mrs. Lowe, to find gold stolen by her husband so that she may return it and start fresh.”

Angie Dickinson Also Was An Attractive Costar With Wayne

Of course, John Wayne is a name synonymous with Westerns. He’s also appeared with other attractive costars in his career, too. One of them was Angie Dickinson in the great flick “Rio Bravo.” Wayne also starred in that movie with Ricky Nelson, Dean Martin, and Walter Brennan.

It’s interesting to note that Nelson has a tie to classic TV, too. His parents were Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, who starred in “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriett.” The show depicted events and hijinx in the daily lives of a 1950s TV family. There were moments, too, where Ricky had a chance to flex his singing vocals on the show.

Beyond Dickinson, another name in the film collection of John Wayne is Maureen O’Hara. Wayne fans immediately connect her name with the fabled movie “The Quiet Man.” She and Wayne also did other movies like “McClintock!” in 1963. John Wayne remains an actor who people love to see in all of his movies. One thing that will remain close to the hearts of these fans is the fact that his movies cover many different subjects. Of course, Westerns made up a lot of the movies that he did. Yet there also were war-themed flicks that are still being watched, too.