John Wayne Estate Celebrates National Cowboy Day in the Best Way Possible: What to Know

by Joe Rutland

If there is a National Cowboy Day happening, then you better believe the John Wayne Estate is going to take part in it. Can you think of this day taking place without a mention of The Duke? Well, there’s something brewing from his family. As you can see, there are a number of prizes available. All you have to do is read the caption below this photo. The Estate along with INSP TV are letting Wayne’s fans in on the action here. Take a look and get involved in this giveaway.

Everyone has their favorite Western that starred John Wayne. From his early career in Stagecoach to the legendary John Ford film The Searchers, The Duke gives life to the cowboy. Of course, another one of his movies was simply titled The Cowboys. That film’s cast members recently gathered together to celebrate its 50-year anniversary. Wayne died in 1979 but was still in the minds and hearts of his costars.

John Wayne Ends Up Performing His Own Stunt In ‘True Grit’

What might be your favorite Wayne Western? Take your pick from many of them in the legendary actor’s filmography. Rio Bravo had quite a cast with Ricky Nelson, Dean Martin, Angie Dickinson, and Walter Brennan. El Dorado featured Robert Mitchum and James Caan. Wayne could be surrounded by some of the most incredible stars and fellow cast members in his movies. Yet the Western allowed him to bring his characters and storylines with some depth in them. There’s nothing like seeing Wayne become knee-deep into his character’s issues in a movie.

In True Grit, Wayne played Rooster Cogburn along with Glen Campbell and Kim Darby. Wayne would reprise that role in a later movie simply titled Rooster Cogburn. Yet we’re not through with True Grit just yet. He had a favorite scene from that movie in which he performed his own stunts. We learn more about this from Marc Eliot’s book American Titan: Searching for John Wayne. Wayne reportedly thought it would be great to end True Grit with him at the reins. Literally.

A final scene has Rooster looking over at Mattie, played by Darby, and saying, “Come see a fat old man sometime.” Then, we see Rooster jump over a fence. It happened to be Wayne himself atop a horse and jumping it. He was dealing with a number of health issues at the time. But never keep a good cowboy down, right? John Wayne has given many other movie cowboys a template by which to follow. Some have done it their way. Then again, there’s the Wayne way of being a cowboy and it’s still OK to many of his beloved fans.