John Wayne Estate Pulls Out Classic Duke Quote as July 4th Weekend Kicks Off

by Joe Rutland

It’s hard to believe that John Wayne has been gone since 1979 but The Duke’s words of wisdom remain a good salve for America. The John Wayne Estate on Friday shared a pretty rad picture of Wayne himself along with a quote. He talks about flying the American flag and what it means to him. These sentiments are probably shared by many Americans heading into the July 4th Weekend. Let’s see what he is saying thanks to this Instagram post.

Wayne loved his country and was someone who never shied away from it. The beloved actor remains in the minds and hearts of millions of fans. They will take note of these words and lovingly hold them close to their hearts. Fan comments include “Happy 4th Duke” and “God bless America.”

One Time, John Wayne Would Give ‘Star Trek’ Actor New Title

Well, John Wayne would play many different roles and they did include military ones. Of course, those films included Sands of Iwo Jima, The Green Berets, and In Harm’s Way. That last one was a big one with a huge cast of stars led, of course, by The Duke himself. Kirk Douglas, Patricia Neal, Henry Fonda, and Burgess Meredith also were in this movie. It was during the filming of the Green Berets that Wayne made a prediction about this Star Trek officer.

Who? None other than George Takei, who already had one season as Lieutenant Sulu under him from the NBC drama. While on the set, Wayne would call him “Captain Sulu.” Takei would remind Wayne that he only was a lieutenant. But that didn’t change The Duke from calling him captain. Oh boy, imagine William Shatner hearing this story and getting a little jealous. Shatner, of course, was Captain Kirk about the U.S.S. Enterprise. It would probably add a little more to the ongoing Shatner-Takei conflict that has been happening for years.

The Duke Worked With Director John Ford On ‘The Searchers’

OK, let’s get back to Wayne. He’s also known for his Westerns and that includes his turn as the haunted Ethan in The Searchers. Talk about a movie that you could see over and over again. John Ford made excellent use of filming in Utah to provide many memorable scenes. Wayne? My goodness, who could not feel Ethan’s pain throughout it. One little piece of trivia you might not know is that Wayne named his son Ethan after this character. That’s how much The Duke loved this movie along with working for Ford. The famed director and actor would work together on a number of movies.