WATCH: John Wayne Estate Drops Behind the Scenes Recap of ‘The Cowboys’ Reunion

by Joe Rutland

It’s always cool to see some old friends from one of the great movies done by John Wayne in his career gather together. Recently, cast members from The Cowboys had a reunion. The John Wayne Estate happened to offer up a little roundup video of the festivities. In the caption area, you can read about where to go and listen to their great stories. Yes, the estate did put the highlights together along with the Kid Rock song Cowboy. It’s rather fitting, don’t you think?

Upon seeing these highlights, one fan could not contain the excitement. “I watched that film with my kids (7, 10, 13) last night; they thoroughly enjoyed it,” this person wites. “The Cowboys was my first John Wayne movie, and the first film I saw on VHS way back when… It remains one of my favourite Wayne films.” Another fan says, “Wish I could have been there!” Hey, many people wish they could have been there, too. But these interviews will allow us to find out what is on the cast’s minds.

John Wayne Plays Rancher Wil Anderson In Movie

The Cowboys came out in 1972. According to IMDb, the synopsis reads, “Rancher Wil Andersen is forced to hire inexperienced boys as cowhands in order to get his herd to market on time but the rough drive is full of dangers and a gang of cattle rustlers is trailing them.” Do we need to tell you who played Wil? We didn’t think so. Others in the cast included Bruce Dern, Roscoe Lee Browne, Robert Carradine, and A Martinez. Heck, you even get a Slim Pickens and Colleen Dewhurst sighting in the movie, too.

Previously, Martinez would reflect on the making of the movie. The Cowboys is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, therefore a reason for the whole gang showing up together. “It was a thrill and an honor to be a part of this project,” Martinez would write in part of a lengthy Instagram post. “A haunting, timeless theme, adapted from the novel by William Dale Jennings, brilliantly directed by Rydell, with gorgeous cinematography by Bob Surtees, an indelible score by John Williams –– and a great performance by John Wayne –– the power of #TheCowboys abides.” John Williams has done some other movie soundtracks, most notably Star Wars.

Meanwhile, the estate recently offered up some family footage of Wayne with his son Ethan. You can see father and son spending time in the water together. It looks like Ethan is learning to swim while Pop helps him out. The film shows Wayne in no other role than that of a father. He would name Ethan after his character from The Searchers, Ethan Edwards.