WATCH: John Wayne Estate Unearths Rare Home Video Footage of The Duke Playing With Son Ethan

by Joe Rutland

A lot of people still love John Wayne and we totally understand because The Duke is a part of our lives even though he’s gone. Would you like to see some old-school video of him? This is an adorable video from the John Wayne Estate. A slice of film of Wayne with his then-young son Ethan is now available to see. If you didn’t know, Wayne’s boat was named the Wild Goose.

So, in this film footage, we see Ethan getting himself in swimming condition. And his father is nearby to help him out. Wayne is here in the water alongside Ethan. This seems like a moment between father and son that Ethan probably holds very near to his heart. It’s a sweet look back at when Ethan’s famous father was alive and in his life. Let’s take a look below and enjoy this film. The Estate does a really good job of having the Joe Cocker classic Feelin’ Alright fitting in right here.

John Wayne Fans Express Their Love For Special Family Film Clip

Meanwhile, you might be impressed by this film, too. Wayne’s fans were effusive with their praise. That’s nothing to be surprised about as their dedication, love, and respect for The Duke are alive and well. One of his fans writes, “Watch Duke swimming. He even has the swagger of his walk swimming.” This one says, “I distinctly remember him teaching a kid swimming in Hondo.” Another fan takes notice of Ethan’s swimming and states, “Sweet. Swimming with Dad. Nice dive Ethan. Good form!”

Most Wayne fans know where Ethan got his first name. For instance, new generations are always finding The Duke and his work for the first time. For their sake, let’s let old-time Wayne fans inform the young ones about this part of the story. See, Wayne starred in one of the greatest films in the history of John Ford, The Searchers. His character’s name was Ethan Edwards and he often said “That’ll be the day” throughout the movie. Well, Duke loved this movie and was quite proud of it. From that position, he would decide to name his son after his movie character.

Additionally, in a recent interview, Ethan Wayne said that his famous father created the “archetypical American character.” “When you watch a John Wayne film, when it’s over you feel good,” he told Texas Monthly. “He built this really archetypical American character and just took him across different storylines.” They would include movies ranging from Westerns to military films to even a private investigator. Brannigan and McQ would be two Wayne films that fit the latter category.