Jon Voight Sends Emotional Message to America Following Texas School Shooting

by Samantha Whidden

Over the weekend, actor Jon Voight took to his Twitter account to share an emotional message to Americans following the devastating Texas elementary school shooting that left 19 children and two teachers dead. 

“Oh how my heart bleeds for all those lost,” Jon Voight declares at the beginning of the video.  “My soul cries. We must do something about these horrors that are taking out on innocent beings. Humans that each have lives and years of life that they’re supposed to live. They’ve been taken down by insanity.”

Jon Voight further says that the humans that commit such horrible crimes are “disturbed walking souls” that have grown up in households of abuse. “These beings have been bullied and they take out their disturbances, their grief, their horror on innocent souls. It’s not about left, right, guns, no guns. This is about brains that are dysfunctioning, this is mental.”

The actor also explains that he believes that this is not about healthy human beings serving the country with arms to bear or even the right of this constitution for bearing arms. “It is a right to use arms with proper purpose to defend one’s safety. We must not allow mental illness to take away our right to bear arms. This is about trusting the constitution, our rights, our reason.”

Jon Voight describes the children and teachers who were killed on Tuesday as innocent souls that were taken from each family are children of God. “This must remind us all that God will take home these angels and comfort them.”

Jon Voight Asks Fellow Americans to Pray We Never Experience Another Tragedy Like the One in Texas 

Meanwhile, in a second video, Jon Voight asks fellow Americans to pray that such a tragedy as the one in Texas does not happen again in our lifetime. “We must identify every individual who for their credentials, for their mental capacity to bear arms. There should be proper qualifications for gun ownership. Proper testing.”

Jon Voight also calls for those wanting a gun to be qualified in schooled in gun safety and ownership. “I stand with all. I stand for freedom of each soul’s truths, I stand for God’s truth, I stand for one to be condemned for evil doings. And they must pay a price.”

As previously reported, on Tuesday (May 24th), a gunman walked into the Robb Elementary School and opened fire. A total of 19 children ranging between the ages of 8 and 11 years old as well as two teachers were killed. An additional 17 were also injured during the incident, including the gunman’s grandmother, who was the first person he shot. The gunman was then killed by responding police officers.