Julia Roberts Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Husband Danny Moder in Sweet July 4th Pic

by Samantha Whidden

While celebrating her 20th anniversary with her husband Danny Moder, Hollywood icon Julia Roberts took to Instagram to share a snapshot of the couple’s special day on July 4, 2002. 

“TWENTY” Julia Roberts declared in the post’s caption. She also used the hashtags #cantstopkissing #cantstopsmiling

Julia Roberts and Moder met on the set of “The Mexican”. She was starring alongside Brad Pitt in the film while Moder served as a cinematographer. At the time, Moder was still married to his former wife, Vera Moder, a makeup artist. Roberts ended things with Bratt and Moder divorced Vera.

Despite the struggles they faced early on in their relationship, Roberts and Moder were married at her ranch in Taos, New Mexico in 2002. The couple has three children together, twins, a daughter and a son, born in November 2004, and another son born in June 2007.

Julia Roberts previously discussed her and Moder’s 20th anniversary while on Sirius XM’s “The Jess Cagle Show.”

“This year, this summer,” Roberts shared. “Twenty years kissin’ Danny Moder.”

She also shared with The New York Times she made an effort to say away from her rom-com status quo and considers herself a homemaker while raising her children out of the spotlight. 

Julia Roberts Addressed Gossip About the Early Stages of Her Relationship with Danny Moder

During a 2002 interview on “Good Morning America,” Julia Roberts opened up about her marriage to Moder. “I hope that there are people who agree that I have done some good, kind things in my life,” Roberts explained. “But to really, ultimately stand fully in a moment of realizing that I was born to love and to be the wife of this man.”

Roberts said Moder’s marital status at the time made the situation “terribly complicated” for everyone involved. “People don’t know anything,” Roberts also declared and noted that people just assume and decide on their opinions. “It is not for me to ask anybody to assume or decide or feel differently.”

Roberts further stated that her husband is not like any man she’s ever known. She described him as being formidable and a man among men. “Unselfish and all-encompassing. He stands by the choices he has made. He will never blame it on somebody else, and I have never seen anybody else do that.”

Roberts went on to add that she’s finally found true love like the characters she has played in films. “Well, I guess if I were to cast a wish, I would wish that we, that we are a pair, as a team, as a couple, as partners on the planet would wake up every day with a fair amount of joy and just a little bit of giddiness and go to sleep with a sense of having been understood.”