Julie Andrews and ‘Sound of Music’ Star Christopher Plummer Remained ‘Great Friends’ Until His Death

by Lauren Boisvert

Julie Andrews opened up to Vanity Fair recently about her longtime friendship with “Sound of Music” co-star Christopher Plummer, who died in February 2021 at age 91. Plummer played the part of Captain von Trapp, father to the seven von Trapp children; Maria, studying to become a nun, is sent to be governess to the children. There, the Captain has been raising them in strict military fashion. Maria brings music and light into their lives, and subsequently she and the Captain fall in love and get married. The family must then find a way to escape the Nazi occupation in Austria.

Julie Andrews, of course, played the part of Maria. She recently reunited with five of the seven child actors who played the von Trapp children when she was awarded the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award last month. Andrews has stated that she and the “children” still keep in touch; but, it’s her friendship with Christopher Plummer that she remembers most fondly.

“We became great friends, really until he passed away fairly recently,” she told Vanity Fair. “We saw each other a lot, we knew each other, he stayed a friend and it was very pleasant.”

Julie Andrews Talks ‘The Sound of Music’ and Her Greatest Achievements

Last month, she spoke with TODAY about her lifetime of achievements. She recalled working on “The Sound of Music,” and her fondest memories from her time on the film.

“It really was the most beautifully crafted movie,” she shared. “I mean, the details in the movie, first of all, the scenery, children, songs, music, all of it. But it means very, very many memories: funny ones, real ones, lovely ones, working with dear Chris Plummer also, whom I adored.”

At her AFI ceremony, Nicholas Hammond, Duane Chase, Angela Cartwright, Debbie Turner and Kym Karath surprised Andrews on stage. They performed a rendition of “Do-Re-Mi,” the song Maria taught the children in the movie. Unfortunately, Charmian Carr and Heather Menzies-Urich, who played Liesel and Louisa respectively, passed in 2016 and 2017.

Of her relationship with her co-stars, Andrews has said, “We do keep in touch, but not on a really regular basis. I mean, Christmases, maybe birthdays and certainly get-togethers, but we just bonded so hard that I think we’re family anyway.”

According to Andrews, ‘Mary Poppins’ Was Her ‘First Big Chance’

During her AFI ceremony, Julie Andrews spoke a bit about her long and storied career. She took a moment to reflect on her first big break in the industry; apparently, that big break came from none other than Walt Disney himself.

“’Poppins’ was the first film,” she said of her breakout into acting. “Disney, Walt Disney gave me my first big chance. I learned so much on that film. It was a wonderful film to learn the craft of movie-making, because there were so many special effects, so much waiting around. So many complicated things to do. Because it was animated as well.”