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Kat Von D Bails from LA, Pursues Family Life in Indiana

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Jason LaVeris / Contributor

Kat Von D has officially parted ways with L.A. According to reports, the famous tattoo artist has traded fast-paced city life for small-town charm by moving to Indiana.

The 40-year-old became known around the world for her tattooing, her makeup brand, and her appearance on “Miami Ink.” She then starred in her own reality TV series based on her career as a world-renowned tattoo artist known as “L.A. Ink.”

Although she’s seen a great deal of success, her perspective on life changed after she had her son.

Now, according to the longtime L.A. resident, she and her family are planning on “getting out of LA 100%.” During an interview, Kat Von D revealed that she and her husband made a huge life decision when they recently listed their home, an 1890s mansion, for $11 million.

Although the move may seem out of left field, it’s actually something she had in the works since 2020. In December of 2020, the tattoo artist revealed she purchased a new home in Vevay, Indiana.

In addition, she kept the theme of the Victorian style of houses and bought a 12,000-square-foot mansion. It was constructed in 1874 and is also thought to be haunted.

“The house itself is one of the historical houses in America list. I always had my eye on it, but it was operating as a bed and breakfast for a long time,” Von D said about her new abode. “When it went on the market, I told my husband, ‘Let’s go see it. I’ve never spent any time in Indiana, but it wouldn’t hurt to check it out.'”

Kat Von D adds children’s book author to resume

“We just fell in love with it. We fell in love with the town and the nature,” she said of her new community.

For Von D, leaving behind the City of Angels isn’t a sad affair. In fact, since she’s “traveled all over the world,” she doesn’t feel like she’ll miss much of the city. Von D also recently released her first children’s book after creating her own bedtime reading routine with her son.

“So our bedtime routine happens daily, and I found myself kind of making up a lot of stories, especially ones that were a little bit repetitive to kind of get him to wind down,” she said in an interview. “The treasure chest story was one that kind of naturally happened. My husband was like, ‘Oh, you know, you should further develop that because I think it’s a good story.’ And that’s kind of the beginning of “Leafar and the Magical Treasure Chest.”

Her children’s book follows the adventures of a young boy who is given a treasure chest by his mom. The book was made for children to use their imaginations as the main character changes into different animals throughout the book.