Kate Winslet Rushed to Hospital

by Megan Molseed

Actress Kate Winslet has been rushed to the hospital after suffering a leg injury on a movie set. The injury happened while the Titanic star was filming a biopic about an American photojournalist the legendary Lee Miller.

Winslet’s involvement with this film which highlights the impressive life story of Miller a former Vogue cover model-turned-war correspondent back in 2020. The 46-year-old actress portrays Miller in the upcoming flick which is filming currently in Croatia.

Winslet’s Injuries Are The Result Of A Fall

Kate Winslet was filming a scene in the Croatian village of Kupari when she slipped and fell after losing her footing. The actress was rushed to a nearby care center located in Dubrovnik. According to a representative, the actress will be returning to set later this week.

“Kate slipped and was taken to hospital,” the statement adds. According to the report, this move is a precautionary one as the production company requires the star to seek treatment after an on-set injury.

“She is fine,” continues the statement according to reports. “And will be filming, as planned, this week.”

Winslet Says It’s Thrilling To Be A Part Of The Upcoming Lee Miller Biopic

The biopic film aptly called Lee follows the life of the iconic photojournalist Lee Miller. The story revolves around Miller’s transition from a Vogue cover model to a photographer capturing the horrors of World War II as she stands on the frontlines. Hoping to expose the truths behind the Nazi party.

The film focuses on the work Lee Miller brought to the public. However, it also follows Miller as she struggles with her own past. Additionally, the biopic is an adaptation of the book titled The Lives of Lee Miller. A stunning biography that was written by the iconic journalist’s son, Anthony Penrose.

Ellen Kuras is directing the upcoming production. This is a reunion of sorts for Winslet and Kuras as the two worked together in the early 2000s. This comes as the Revolutionary Road star joined Jim Carrey onscreen for the 2004 hit film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Additionally, Kate Winslet has been hitting the water as she films the long-awaited sequel to 2009’s Avatar. It is a brave move for the star in many ways. This comes as Winslet was facing other health and well-being concerns recently, fighting off a bout of hypothermia.