Katherine Schwarzenegger Shares Perfect Mom Photo of Her and Chris Pratt’s Daughters in New Post

by Chris Piner

For actor Chris Pratt, the sky’s the limit as he continues to dominate Hollywood. Taking on franchises like Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World, there doesn’t appear to be any role too big for the celebrity to take on. At one time, rumors circulated that Pratt might take over the Indiana Jones series. But those rumors were just that as Harrison Ford wrapped production of the fifth Indiana Jones film. But beyond the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, Pratt is happily married to Katherine Schwarzenegger who recently shared an Instagram post about handling two children under 2. 

Posting on Instagram, Katherine snapped a picture holding her and Pratt’s two children. One is Lyla, who is 23 months old and the other is 2-month-old Eloise. With Lyla on her hip and Eloise snuggled in a baby carrier, the mom captioned the post with, “2 under 2 vibes”. She added, “Posted some of my must have mommy and baby goodies in stories that I have been loving this time around! Check them out in highlights reel.”

Receiving a mountain of support, many users shared their feelings about juggling a career and kids. One fan replied, “I know this feeling. I had 3 under 3 at one point. It was ROUGH.” 

Chris Pratt Praises Katherine Schwarzenegger

Although Katherine is a mom of two, wife, and author, she dazzled in the post, flashing her genuine smile. 

Among the comments that filled her post, Chris Pratt was sure to add his own take, writing “Hot Momma”. He also threw in some fire emojis. 

Juggling Parenting And Hollywood

Last month, Chris Pratt explained to E! News how Lyla was handling her big sister role. The actor said, “I am now a father of three. I’m girl dad 2.0. My oldest daughter is adjusting very well to being a big sister. At first she was kind of like, ‘So, what the deal with that thing? What up with that? Look at me’. And now, she’s very much embraced the idea. She constantly wants to hold her sister, and she’s just very, very sweet.” He added, “That’s the stuff that’s important. It’s the stuff that life is made of, and I feel incredibly blessed and filled with joy.”

While both Pratt and Katherine are known for being in the public spotlight, they are adamant about keeping their children far away from the cameras. Knowing the dangers associated with tabloids, the picture from Katherine Schwarzenegger is a rare glimpse into their life as parents. It is no mistake that Lyla is facing away from the camera. As for Eloise, she had no problem as she snuggled close to her mother.