Keanu Reeves Fan Weighs In on Viral Airport Encounter

by Chris Piner

The saying “Don’t meet your heroes” has become a warning for those seeking their favorite movie stars or celebrities. Having to deal with the paparazzi, celebrities can come off as irritable and sometimes short with fans. But Keanu Reeves proves to be the exact opposite as he recently met with 14-year-old Alex Katsanos. Known for Speed, Bill and Ted, and The Matrix, the actor didn’t just share a moment with the teenager but made it so memorable it has since gone viral.

On Twitter, TV Producer Andrew Kimmel shared the interaction between Reeves and Katsanos. Many claimed the actor was the best Hollywood had to offer. According to Katsanos, the moment didn’t start in the airport but on the plane flight from London to New York. 

The Memorable Moment Was Hours In The Making

Detailing the moment he first saw Reeves to ET, Katsanos didn’t believe it was the man behind classic films like Point Break. “When the plane was first boarding, I was pretty sure I saw him, but he entered the plane so quickly, so I wasn’t sure. The whole flight from London I was thinking about, ‘What if it is him? What should I say? What should I get him to sign?'” 

Not wanting to miss the opportunity, Alex Katsanos wrote down some questions he would ask Keanu Reeves given the chance. “I brought a pen that a flight attendant gave me and kept those two things in my pocket for the duration of the plane ride.” He also used his time on the flight to do a little research as to why Reeves was in London.  “I saw that he was spotted at the Grand Prix. That made me more confident that [it] was Keanu Reeves on my flight.”

Katsanos Admits He Is Still Stunned About The Interaction

As if fate, Katsanos got the chance to speak with Reeves. “I was also asking general questions about why he was in London and what he is doing in New York. Then he asked me questions like why I was in London and what stuff I did there. I was genuinely interested in what he had done in London and what he was doing in New York. I went to London because I recently graduated middle school and this was my graduation gift and when I was in London,” He added, “I saw a couple musicals and shows there and this gave me more things to speak to Keanu about as we discussed the shows I saw, and it ends up he was in New York to see a Broadway show. It was great when he started asking me questions as well.”

Wanting nothing more than a simple photo, Reeves spent nearly 10 minutes chatting with Katsanos. Alex Katsanos admitted, “I am still stunned that I had the chance to meet such a famous celebrity and get to have a normal conversation with someone as famous as that.”