Keanu Reeves Gets To Know Locals at Pub

by Suzanne Halliburton

Need more proof that Keanu Reeves is more normal, unassuming dude than superstar? Locals have spotted him out at a pub, eating dinner and having a few double whiskeys with the town folk.

Reeves currently is in England, working on a Disney+ documentary about Formula One auto racing. The Daily Mail reported Friday that this very public dinner with Keanu Reeves happened Wednesday at a spot called The Fox and Hounds in Charwelton, England.

So what does a superstar like Keanu Reeves eat when he’s out on the town? A Caesar salad and a falafel. He also enjoyed several rounds of double whiskeys.

And, Reeves had no problems posing for photos with fans, who were stunned to see a celebrity walk through the pub doors. The Daily Mail quoted the pub landlord who said of Keanu Reeves “everything nice you would think about him was all true.”

Danny Ricks, the landlord, added ‘It’s not every day you get a Hollywood star walk into your pub. It made everyone’s evening. He was such a top bloke and absolutely lovely.’

Keanu Reeves = Top Bloke = Wedding Crasher

Of course, we’re betting that the people at the pub heard the stories about how Reeves crashed a wedding reception earlier in the week. He was staying at the same hotel as the new couple. And he even posed for wedding photos with the bride, groom and family. It seems the groom bumped into Reeves at the bar and invited him to the festivities. He became instant friends.

So why is Keanu Reeves spending so much time in Great Britain? It’s all about F1. Reeves is shooting a documentary about the 2009 F1 season that delighted British racing fans. Earlier this summer, he attended the British Grand Prix at Silverstone Circuit. That’s about an hour outside of London.

“It was wet but it was thrilling,” Keanu Reeves told Sky Sports. “It was absolutely amazing to be that close. Silverstone and rain, perfect. I think being that close to it, just seeing the speed and the way that they’re going at the turns and exiting the turns is something unbelievable.”

In early July, Keanu Reeves attended the British Grand Prix to research his new documentary. He’s pictured here with Stefano Domenicali, the CEO of the Formula One Group. (Bryn Lennon – Formula 1/Formula 1 via Getty Images)

Ross Brawn hosted Reeves at the race. The documentary focuses a lot on Brawn, a former F1 team owner. In 2009, Jenson Button won the world championship while racing for the the team owned by Brawn.

“He has been a legend and is such an amazing person,” Reeves said of Braun. “So it was really cool to meet him and spend some time with him. He offered us the chance to be here. That’s what we are going to try and do, we are going to tell that amazing, remarkable story.”

Keanu Reeves is juggling projects. He’s got another John Wick movie. And, he’s set to start shooting on the new Hulu series, Devil in the White City. Production likely starts next year.