Keanu Reeves Reveals ‘Dream’ Role He Hopes to Possibly Play ‘Down the Road’

by Chris Piner

Before audiences knew him as “The One” in The Matrix, or the undercover surfer cop in Point Break, Keanu Reeves held the job of a news correspondent on the Going Great television program. From there, he acted in stage productions for Romeo and Juliet, starred in Brad Fraser’s Wolfboy, and even performed in commercials for Coca-Cola. Add that with his recent appearance in the hit video game Cyberpunk, and there isn’t a character Reeves hasn’t played. Well, there might be one, and if given the chance, the actor admitted he’d be more than willing to jump at the character.

Being an avid comic book lover and all-around geek, Keanu Reeves stars in the upcoming film, not about superheroes, but super pets. Premiering in Los Angeles on Wednesday, celebrities walked the red carpet for DC League of Super-Pets. In the film, Reeves plays one of Gotham’s most beloved and feared characters – Batman. 

Keanu Reeves Admits Batman Is A Dream Role

Speaking with Extra about the chance to play the role, Keanu Reeves noted, “I love Batman as a character and I love him in the comic books, the films, so to get the opportunity to voice — to play — Batman was awesome.” Although he only did the voice for the caped crusader, the 57-year-old actor added that playing Batman in a live-action film has “always been a dream.”

While being a dream for Reeves, he knew that the franchise is currently in the hands of Robert Pattison. The celebrity congratulated him on the role. “Pattinson’s got Batman right now and he’s doing awesome, so maybe down the road. Maybe when they need an older Batman.”

Like Keanu Reeves, many fans of Batman found Matt Reeves’ take on the city of Gotham to be refreshing. Not only casting a younger, more agile Bruce Wayne, but Reeves revamped the entire look of the city and even the famous batmobile. Given the success of the film, the director revealed that Pattison and his team are scheduled to return for The Batman 2. The first film made a staggering $770 million at the box office. 

Reeves Proves Why He Is The GOAT

As for Keanu Reeves, his chance at portraying Batman in DC League of Super Pets is scheduled to be released on July 29, just a few weeks from now. The film garners a cast of celebrities like Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson. Super Pets follows the life of a Labrador retriever known as Superdog or Bark Kent. As his last name states, Dwayne Johnson acts as the dog and best friend to one of the world’s most powerful superheroes – Superman. 

Beyond movie theaters and Hollywood sets, Keanu Reeves went viral recently for taking time out of his day to entertain a dedicated fan who spent an entire plane ride trying to figure out what he was going to say to his hero.