Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Spending Summer in Montana

by Chris Piner

Although winning the first season of American Idol, Kelly Clarkson didn’t stop there. She went on to establish herself as a top singer and even a television host. And between all that, she wrote two books. Needless to say, Clarkson seized the opportunity of American Idol to launch herself into a prosperous career. While achieving a great deal of success in the music industry and Hollywood, the dedication doesn’t leave much time for family and friends. With two kids, River Rose and Remington Alexander, Clarkson admitted to taking the summer off to spend with her children and her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock in Montana.  

Marking the first time she took a break since 16 years old, Kelly Clarkson detailed her adventures on the TODAY show with Carson Daly and Hoda Kotb, “I literally four-wheeled in the mountains. I have a lot of water on my property so my sister, my nephew and I and a couple friends just spent the whole summer in the mountains.” She added, “It was nice because they usually have to travel a lot because of our separation so we were both in Montana. I felt like the first time my kids felt a little more centered as well.”

Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Her Divorce

Given her divorce from Brandon Blackstock, Kelly Clarkson discussed the split and the hardships that followed. “It’s been the hardest thing to navigate. I’ve never had this difficult of a project. It’s one of those things where I’m a human and I’m going through something huge. Obviously, everybody knows a huge divorce went through and it’s been like, two years and not easy with kids.”

When dealing with a divorce and being a celebrity, the singer noted the struggle to balance her professional life with motherhood “makes it just a whole different dynamic.”

Kelly Clarkson detailed how she dealt with the emotion, using an old tactic to get through it. “I’ve always had a hard time communicating and literally that’s how I became a writer at the age of 10, because my mom was like, ‘You need to quit bottling it up. And then you explode. You need to communicate better.’ And so I literally started writing to help me do that.” 

Using Billie Eilish’s Happier Than Ever as an example, Kelly Clarkson proposed, “That song I’m sure means a whole heap of different things for her. And it’s her world and why she wrote it. But the domino effect of her releasing that and how it affects so many other people, because those are the songs when you are completely honest and you’re angry and you’re sad and you’re hurt. And all those things, that equation makes for the best songs. So I’m just navigating what I’m comfortable with releasing.”