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Kelly Clarkson Reveals Why She Waited to Release Her First Post-Divorce Album

by Samantha Whidden
Kelly Clarkson
(Photo by Amy Sussman/BBMA2020/Getty Images for dcp )

Nearly three years after filing for divorce from Brandon Blackstock, Kelly Clarkson is opening up about why she waited to release her first post-divorce album. 

During a recent Instagram Live Q&A, Kelly Clarkson spoke about releasing her upcoming album in 2023. She noted that it took a long time to work on the album, but said there’s an important reason. “Look, I’m gonna be really honest with you,” Clarkson said. “It took a minute for me to be able to release this album. ‘Cause I just had to be over it, through it, all around it, I had to get past it to be able to talk about it.”

She knows that her fans want to ask her about the album and its tracks. However, Kelly Clarkson admitted that she needed a minute to reflect on her latest project. She previously explained that many of the songs on the album were written when she had just finalized the divorce. She was still processing the heartbreak over her marriage ending. The singer and talk show noted she wanted to be sure she was ready to move on. Just so she can fully share with her fans that part of her story.

However, Clarkson also explained she was glad she waited to release the music. This is because some of the tracks came later on in the recording-making process. “One of the last songs written for the album might be one of the singles that we come out with very soon,” the former The Voice coach said. “It’s really cool. [The album is] a great arc of a whole relationship: It’s not all sad or mad. But that’s in there.”

Kelly Clarkson Shares the New Album Is Almost Ready to Go 

Along with giving a more in-depth description of what her upcoming album will be able, Kelly Clarkson gave somewhat an update on when the album will be released. She even shared that she has already done the phone shoot for the cover art. 

“This was the most fun I’ve ever had on a set, on a shoot,” Clarkson declared. “It’s so perfectly me. I feel like my whole team was like, ‘You’re back!’”

Clarkson also said that the shoot made her feel like herself. She noted she was able to be really free and be herself during the entire process. The new album will be her first full-length release since her 2017 album Meaning of Life. This does not include her 2021 Christmas project When Christmas Comes Around. 

Clarkson previously stated that the new album is important to her. “I’m working on this in therapy,” she told Variety.  “I have a hard time vocalizing what I’m feeling sometimes, so music is helpful for me. It’s just been really healing. I recorded the record quite some time ago.”