Kelly Ripa Adds Multiple Shows to Her ‘Live Wire’ Tour

by Chris Piner

Over the last few weeks, there has been a thunderstorm of rumors circulating Live with Kelly and Ryan as co-host, Kelly Ripa, decided to take a few weeks off to focus on family and her personal projects. While not speaking much on her decision to step away for a short time, speculation around the move included her and Ryan Seacrest not getting along and Ripa moving on to greener pastures. The rumors only grew as Ripa announced her new book, Live Wire, and a slew of tour dates to coincide with her release in September. Definitely looking to explore new ventures, the host recently returned to Live with Kelly and Ryan, discussing her marriage with Mark Consuelos and even more locations for her book tour. 

Overjoyed to share her new book with fans, Kelly Ripa announced a slew of new stops for her Live Wire tour. She shared the news on Instagram, writing, “You asked for it, you got it: we just added three more stops to my book tour for LIVE WIRE! I hope to see you in one of these cities! Head to the link in bio to learn more. Tickets are on sale now! Xx Kelly.”

Kelly Ripa Reveals $179 Wedding To Mark Consuelos

Back in April, when Kelly Ripa first revealed the name and cover of her book, the host explained the inspiration behind Live Wire. “My husband said writing a book is like giving birth. Although, it would be like giving birth if giving birth last 18 months. A labor of love nonetheless. Preorder for those who love long-winded short stories”. Giving a glimpse into what the pages include, Ripa posted a small section, reading, “My kids wouldn’t notice I needed help until they were hungry or needed money and even then, I’m certain they would call Postmates first and then 911.”

Making her return to Live with Kelly and Ryan this week, Kelly Ripa appeared her usual self, recalling how she and Mark Consuelos pulled off the cheapest wedding ever for celebrities. The grand total of their Las Vegas wedding, including airfare, came up to a commendable $179. It was 1996 though. 

Discussing the wedding, Kelly Ripa said, “We just had a very normal, very regular wedding. It was fun. We were like, ‘Now, this is gambling! Woohoo!'” She added if they “had to endure a large wedding, the planning and the seating charts and the venue — we would not have made it. I don’t think we would have made it to the wedding. There would have been had feelings and blame all over the place. And I can honestly say, we do not feel less married. As a matter of fact, we feel more married than those people, because we’re still married.”