Kelly Rizzo Holds Late Husband Bob Saget Up as the ‘Gold Standard’ in Relationship Advice Post

by Sean Griffin

Kelly Rizzo, wife of late husband Bob Saget, recently took to Instagram to talk relationship advice. She talked about her loving husband, Bob, and how he was the ‘gold standard’ for relationships.

“All I can say is what I know from being with Bob,” Rizzo, 43, began. “If you have to wonder about what he’s doing, he’s not the one; if you’re ever confused about how he feels about you, he’s not the one. If he’s playing games and not treating you like an absolute princess, he’s not the one.”

“Since my husband was the gold standard for how a man should treat a woman, I feel I have a decent perspective on this,” she added. “Never settle for less than ‘A Bob’ ladies.”

Saget died in January at 65. The comedic actor’s body was found in his Orlando, Florida, hotel room. It was later confirmed that Saget died from head trauma.

Saget, who famously starred in Full House, married Rizzo in 2018. Recently, Rizzo opened up to PEOPLE about how she’s coping with the loss six months after Saget’s death.

“6 months without my best friend, my travel buddy, my loving husband. 6 months without your silliness, laughter, music, cuteness, caretaking, sharp wit, thoughtfulness, cuddling, and warmth,” she began, captioning a video filled with many of the pair’s shared memories.

Bob Saget’s Wife Kelly Rizzo Reflects on Life Without Him

Bob Saget and Kelly Rizzo certainly shared a warm marriage. Rizzo reflects on how the past six months without her husband have affected her.

“But it’s also been 6 months of looking for silver linings, learning how to brave the world without you, 6 months of care and compassion from so many who love you, 6 months of getting even closer to your magical daughters and trying to all be strong together,” she continued.

“6 months of continuing to love, laugh, and live because that’s what you would want … what you’d insist upon. Even though you’d want to make sure that we all still miss you…and dear God do we ever. We miss you so much, every day. Love you honey, the world still isn’t the same without you.”

Recently, Kelly Rizzo had taken to Instagram to talk about Bob’s relationships with his daughters.

During a Q&A on her Instagram Story, Rizzo was asked, “do you and Bob’s girls get along and still talk? He was the best.”

Rizzo said, “I’d call it more than getting along, we love each other very, very much and talk or text every day.” She continued, adding, “we’re just so, so grateful to be as close as we are because that’s not always the case with step-families.”