Kelly Rizzo Reflects on Six Months Without Late Husband Bob Saget in Emotional Post

by Sean Griffin

Kelly Rizzo took to Instagram to reflect on six months without her late husband Bob Saget. Saget died on January 9, 2022. He died from blunt force trauma, likely from an earlier fall, and died in his sleep from the resulting injuries.

Bob Saget is best known for his iconic turn as Danny Tanner on the hugely successful sitcom Full House. Saget was also renowned within the standup comedy community as a masterful performer and kind soul.

Kelly Rizzo posted an emotional tribute to her late husband on Saturday.

“6 months without my best friend, my travel buddy, my loving husband,” Rizzo wrote in her Instagram caption. “6 months without your silliness, laughter, music, cuteness, caretaking, sharp wit, thoughtfulness, cuddling, and warmth. But it’s also been 6 months of looking for silver linings, learning how to brave the world without you, 6 months of care and compassion from so many who love you, 6 months of getting even closer to your magical daughters and trying to all be strong together. 6 months of continuing to love, laugh, and live because that’s what you would want…what you’d insist upon. Even though you’d want to make sure that we all still miss you…and dear God do we ever. We miss you so much, every day. Love you honey, the world still isn’t the same without you.”

Bob Saget’s Illustrious Career

As mentioned earlier, Saget is best remembered for his role as Danny Tanner in the fan-favorite Full House. He also reprised his role in the 2016-2020 sequel Fuller House.

However, many fans will also remember him as the original host of America’s Funniest Home Videos, a role he held from 1989-1997. Yet, many fans might not know that Saget had a role in the long-running series How I Met Your Mother. He was the main character Ted Mosby—sort of. He voiced the future version of Ted Mosby that narrated the show. Saget remained in this role from 2005-2014.

Saget was also an accomplished comedian. Frequently described as a “comic’s favorite comic,” Saget’s 2014 album That’s What I’m Talkin’ About earned a nomination for the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album. Saget was recently awarded the Impact Award at the Fourth Annual Critics Choice Real TV Awards. His dear friend and Full House co-star John Stamos presented the award to his wife.

Kelly Rizzo recently talked about how close Bob Saget was with his daughters on an Instagram Live. When asked if Bob and his daughters got along, she said, “I’d call it more than getting along, we love each other very, very much and talk or text every day.” She continued, saying, “we’re just so, so grateful to be as close as we are because that’s not always the case with step-families.”