Kelly Rizzo Reveals New Tattoo in Honor of Late Husband Bob Saget

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Kelly Rizzo is still fondly remembering her late husband Bob Saget and got a new tattoo in his honor. Rizzo revealed her new look through an Instagram story on her account. She put up a picture of her arm with a martini glass tattooed on there. Rizzo also shared some words about it.

“My tattoo for Bob. He loved his martinis so much,” Rizzo wrote. “Amazing single needle work by @inkbyrico.” The tattoo work was put together by Rick Coury. He, along with Rizzo and many others, showed up at a birthday party for John Mayer held at Mayer’s home, PEOPLE reported.

Bob Saget Asked Kelly Rizzo To Marry Him Back In 2017

It is worth noting that single-needle tattoos are where the artist utilizes a single needle. This is done to put together finer, more intricate designs. Rizzo has been quite busy remembering her late husband at different times in recent months. In fact, earlier in October, Rizzo remembered Bob Saget on the nine-month anniversary of Saget’s death. She posted a couple’s challenge video of them doing push-ups.

Rizzo said the couple “had a blast making” the video. Rizzo wrote in the caption area, “It feels like forever and also one day all at the same time. I love looking back on these videos to see how much joy and silliness and fun and love we shared.” The couple got married in 2018 in Santa Monica, California. Initially, Saget and Rizzo were introduced to one another by a mutual friend back in 2015.

Saget asked Rizzo to marry him while they were watching an episode of Stranger Things back in 2017. Bob Saget told PEOPLE how it all went down. “I got up to go to the restroom, and I opened the safe and I took out a ring that I had been hiding for four days and I got on one knee,” Saget said. “And she said ‘What are you doing?!’ She got very emotional, and so did I. I tried to put it in words that make sense. I adore her. She’s fantastic and I’m a very lucky man.”

For Rizzo’s part, she also strolled down memory lane when it comes to their honeymoon. “Bob took me to London for our first time on our honeymoon in 2018,” Rizzo said in another Instagram post. “Nothing can ever top what a special trip we had together.” Saget, of course, played Danny Tanner in the popular ABC sitcom Full House.