Kelly Rizzo Reveals She Speaks With Late Husband Bob Saget’s Daughters ‘Every Day’

by Emily Morgan

Kelly Rizzo, Bob Saget’s widow, has said she and her stepdaughters talk daily despite no longer living together. On Tuesday, the widow of the late icon, who became a household name thanks to his work on “Full House,” took to her Instagram Story for a Q&A session.

Throughout the day, Rizzo answered a string of questions posed by her followers. When one follower asked, “do you and bob’s girls get along and still talk? He was the best,” she gave them an answer.

She responded, “I’d call it more than getting along. We love each other very, very much and talk or text every day.” She continued, “We’re just so, so grateful to be as close as we are because that’s not always the case with step-families.”

Bob Saget was the biological father to three daughters — Lara, 32, Aubrey, 35, and Jennifer, 29 — with his first wife, Sherri Kramer. Saget and Kramer divorced in 1997. Nearly ten years later, Bob Saget married Rizzo in October of 2018.

Tragically, just four years after they tied the knot, the late comedian and actor passed away on Jan. 9 in a hotel room in Orlando, Fla., at age 65.

After medical examiners performed an autopsy, they ruled Bob Saget’s death as “the result of blunt head trauma.” He had suffered multiple fractures to his skull before his death. No foul play was involved.

“They have concluded that he accidentally hit the back of his head on something, thought nothing of it and went to sleep. No drugs or alcohol were involved,” his family said in a statement at the time of his passing.

The Danny Tanner actor was recently honored with a posthumous Critics Choice Impact Award, which Rizzo and his daughters accepted the award on his behalf.

Bob Saget’s eldest daughter posts heartwrenching tribute to her late dad for Father’s Day

“Bob’s incredible daughters and I are so honored to be able to accept this on Bob’s behalf,” Rizzo began the speech. “And this is very bittersweet, because this is just still… It’s so surreal,” she said. “You watch that, and you look at him, and you’re like, ‘Bob was larger than life.’ He was so full of life. He was a force of nature. And you watch that, and you’re like, ‘How is he not the one that’s on the stage right now?’ It still doesn’t make sense. It still doesn’t really compute.”

She added, “It’s so wonderful to see how incredibly loved he still is by everybody, and I know that Bob would be so honored and so thrilled and so grateful to receive this award right now,” she said at the Critics Choice Real TV Awards.

“I mean, he would be blown away. All he wanted to do was make people happy. He just wanted to make people laugh, and make people smile.”

In addition, Bob Saget’s eldest daughter, Lara, paid tribute to him in an emotional Father’s Day post.

“My dad wasn’t just my dad, he was my best friend,” she captioned a throwback photo she posted on Instagram. She added, “He wore his heart. He didn’t hide it; he wasn’t afraid of love. My dad simply wanted to share laughter and love with this world.”