Kelly Rizzo Says Late Husband Bob Saget Would Have Been ‘So Honored’ to Earn Critics Choice Award

by Joe Rutland

Kelly Rizzo, the widow of actor-comedian Bob Saget, accepted an honor from the Critics Choice Awards in her husband’s name. In a post on Instagram, Rizzo shares photos of herself with John Stamos, another Saget close friend. Both were present at an event on Sunday night where Saget was remembered. She shares some tender thoughts about her late husband and accepting the award in his name.

Saget died in January 2022. Stamos and Saget are known for working together on Full House and later Fuller House. Rizzo writes, in part, that Saget “would be so honored to receive this award as all he ever wanted to do was share love and laughter and make an impact.” She adds that it’ll be the “privilege of my life” to spread and share his message.

Bob Saget Costar Jodie Sweetin Comments After Seeing Kelly Rizzo Post

In the comments section, actress Jodie Sweetin, also of the Bob Saget show Full House, writes, “He’d be so proud. You look stunning.” A fan says, “Wow guys you look so beautiful. I believe Bob smilling [spl] from up there”. Rizzo and Stamos, much like others from the Saget world, have stayed in touch since her husband’s death. She would even give one of her husband’s guitars to Stamos. Saget was reportedly a pretty solid musician and called John Mayer one of his closest friends, too.

After her husband died, Rizzo happened to be surprised at “how much of a difference” he made. She would talk about this in an interview with People Magazine. “I just wanted to take a second to say to everybody that it has not gone unnoticed,” Rizzo said. “I have had people who were strangers that now have become friends on Instagram. So many people have shared their stories with me of the loss that you’ve been through, and you’ve poured out your heart, and it’s just really kind that you’ve tried to help me by sharing your stories.”

Saget also would become known for his stand-up comedy work, too. In the Netflix special Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute, Jeff Ross, Chris Rock, Jim Carrey, and others from the world of comedy show up, too. Rizzo also makes a touching appearance in there, too. Musicians Mayer and Jackson Brown are also among the ones paying their respects to him. On Sunday night, Stamos also took note of the Tony Awards not including Saget in their “In Memoriam” segment. His buddy had made two appearances on the Broadway stage throughout his career. Saget apparently was a bit supporter of the stage world, too.