Kelly Rizzo Speaks On Relationship to Late Bob Saget: ‘He’s Still My Husband’

by Taylor Cunningham

Though Bob Saget has been gone for four months now, Kelly Rizzo is still feeling his presence in her life.

Rizzo shared her grief with a panel of widows on Wednesday. And the Eat Travel Rock host admitted that she hasn’t been able to move on from her marriage.

“It’s like, he’s still my husband,” Rizzo shared. “It’s not like, ‘Oh, he’s my former husband.’ It’s like … the relationship is different now. It’s just — it is what it is.”

Bob Saget passed away unexpectedly after performing a stand-up routine in Florida. The comedian was found dead in his hotel room. And authorities later revealed that he died from blunt head trauma, likely from a fall.

The 65-year-old is also survived by his three daughters, Aubrey, 35, Lara, 32, and Jennifer, 29 whom he shares with his ex-wife, Sherri Kramer.

Rizzo said that she’s close with the girls and they make it a point to visit her while she mourns. Recently, all three of them went to stay with her at her new home. And from the moment they passed through the door, they realized that Saget was still a major presence in her life.

“They walked in, and I was like, ‘So it’s kind of like a museum to your dad. So don’t freak out but yes, he’s everywhere,'” Rizzo admitted. “And then they’ll catch me, like, talking to a picture every once in a while, and they’re like, ‘Stepmommy Kelly, are you OK?’”

Kelly Rizzo Sold the California Home She Shared with Bob Saget Last Month

Kelly Rizzo sold the Brentwood, CA, home that she shared with Bob Saget in April. Shortly before the sale was final, a source told ET Online that Saget bought the house in 2003. And the couple had lived there since their wedding in 2007.

While Rizzo cherished the home, she found that staying there after her husband’s passing was too hard. So, she decided to start fresh somewhere new.

“There were so many happy memories they shared together and with his family.” the source said. “…Kelly is staying in Los Angeles.”

On April 20th, Rizzo held a live Q&A on Instagram and explained to curious people that she had officially moved into her new residence. And to stay connected with her late husband, she was able to “curate” some of his personal items.

The 42-year-old admitted that having those items constantly reminds her of Saget. And working them into her decor feels both “comforting” and “therapeutic.”

 Aside from that, Rizzo shared that she’s trying to move past Saget’s death by taking it day by day. However, each day “has its own personality.” And many are still hard.

“I’ll have a day this week that is way worse than a day from a month ago,” she said. “Some days are OK. Some are sad. But, usually, every day has a little bit of everything.”