‘Jeopardy!’ Host Ken Jennings Has Perfect Response to Outraged Fan

by Tia Bailey

Ken Jennings, one of the new co-hosts of “Jeopardy!” usually keeps the peace. However, he recently responded to a fan who was angry over a misunderstanding.

Jennings was a “Jeopardy!” champ not too long ago. Because of this, he was a fan-favorite to replace the late Alex Trebek as host of the gameshow. It was announced back in July that Jennings and actress Mayim Bialik would be the new permanent co-hosts of the show moving forward.

Now, as usual, “Jeopardy!” is in the reruns era. However, some fans have been confused by this. One fan got angry, and took it out on Jennings via Twitter.

The fan accused Jennings of favoring a contestant, as she had been on the show before. They tweeted at Jennings: “Why is Amy Schneider back on as a contestant? It is not fair to themew players. I won’t watch Jeopardy while she is on . I know she is your favorite winner.”

In a rare clapback, Jennings responded to the person, saying: “It’s a rerun Dina! Settle down!”

Dina fired back again, replying: “My television highlights says it is new and only gives today date and no original date. That is why I challenge it.”

Fans were annoyed at the exchange. One responded to the Twitter user, saying: “who has the audacity to double down on their opinion after the host EXPLAINS WHATS GOING ON?! dina please give me your life story, i’m desperate to learn how to be this irresponsibly confident.”

However, Jennings did all he could to explain the situation. Fans found his response funny. One fan said: “I’m so ready and pumped for your forthcoming line of ‘It’s a rerun, Dina’ merch. I’ll take a tee in boys’ extra extra extra husky.”

New Season of “Jeopardy!” Coming Soon with New Permanent Co-Hosts Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik

There was recently a similar misunderstanding amongst fans, although this one was less eventful. A Reddit user posted to the “Jeopardy!” subreddit, with a post titled “spoiler commercials.” They wrote: “Lately, I’ve been seeing commercials just before FJ that show the next day’s contestants, including the present day’s champion, which obviously takes some of the fun out of FJ. I’m not sure if this is Jeopardy’s doing, or my local network affiliate(DC area). Anyone else seeing this?”

Other fans explained that they are in the reruns. One comment read: “What station? Showing the next day’s players before FJ is a no-no. Jeopardy itself shows the next day’s players immediately after FJ during the credits roll. Johnny announces their names, too. Also… you are watching Jeopardy reruns until September 12. Maybe they’re showing you the next day’s game … from last season?”

The original poster responded, saying: ““WJLA…last week was reruns…I thought tonight’s was current, but maybe I’m wrong on that. That would explain it better.”

No more confusion or back-and-forth with Jennings needed.

The new season of “Jeopardy!” premieres on September 12.