‘Jeopardy!’ Host Ken Jennings Hilariously Jokes About the Future of Clues on the Show: PHOTO

by Joe Rutland

Well, we didn’t expect to see Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings offer up some ideas when it comes to the show’s famed clues. But this is just what he decided to do on a Friday afternoon. Maybe Ken was bored. Who knows? But this is quite interesting. Jennings shared this photo that he took during a recent stay in an Airbnb. It’s good to know that he’s keeping his eyes out for different game show ideas. This one might fly when Jeopardy! has an all-Dutch show filmed in Los Angeles. Anyway, let’s see what he’s sharing on Twitter.

We will let you know if any funny business happens with the show clues. Meanwhile, Jennings has secured his spot for another season behind the famed podium. That’s right. Ken is coming back next season and will be a permanent host along with Mayim Bialik. Toss in that Ken will start out the new season in September as the host. He’ll also oversee the famed Tournament of Champions, too.

Ken Jennings of ‘Jeopardy!’ Will Get New Contests To Host

Executive producer Michael Davies also let people know who follow the show that there’s a new Second Chance competition happening. This will give former Jeopardy! players a second chance at becoming champs. This should be pretty cool to see happen. Ken Jennings will be the host of that competition, too. Bialik, for her part, will start her hosting stint in January.

But Jennings is our focus here. He, of course, has been associated with the show for a long time. In recent comments, he let people know that it’s been 18 years with some involvement with Jeopardy! in his life. Yes, he did win the Tournament of Champions himself at one time. But he does have a fondness for late longtime host Alex Trebek. It was during Alex’s time as the host that Jennings won it all. Seeing him handle the show and contestants left an indelible mark on Jennings. His comments about Trebek always have been respectful and, yes, tender in his own way.

Recently, Ken has been away from the game show on a break. This left time for Bialik to be the host of the show. Well, fans were pretty happy to see Jennings return. A couple of fans offered up their thoughts. “So refreshing to have a host who actually listens to the contestant’s story and responds genuinely,” one wrote. “For whatever it’s worth, I feel [the] lightning-fast and funny Ken Jennings is an unbeatable host of Jeopardy!,” another fan said. Imagine these fans’ reactions when finding out that their man Ken will be coming on back. He’s a solid host and, we noted, has a lot of respect for the show’s history, too.