‘Jeopardy!’ Host Ken Jennings Trolls Annoyed Fan in Epic Fashion

by Caitlin Berard

As the winningest Jeopardy! contestant of all time and current host of the iconic game show, it’s no surprise that Ken Jennings is quick-witted and extremely well-read. And while these traits are always on display on the Jeopardy! stage, the beloved host has also used them to develop a thriving social media presence.

Like his fellow game show host Pat Sajak, Ken Jennings regularly takes to Twitter to post jokes and other light-hearted musings. But a recent barbecue joke from Jennings was too much for one user, who not only (allegedly) muted the Jeopardy! host but informed him of the impending action.

“Invite me to your summer barbecue, I will make it fun by calling inanimate objects ‘bad boys,'” Jennings joked. ‘Throw another burger on that bad boy for me.’ ‘I need mustard and onions on this bad boy!'”

“That’s right,” he added. “The grill and the burger/dog CAN BOTH BE ‘BAD BOYS’!!”

As always, the post received thousands of likes and approving messages. One fan, however, was displeased by the dad humor. “Gotta mute you for a while Jennings. You are so very banal,” they wrote in reply, arranging the message with an unnecessary number of spaces.

Ken Jennings Trolls an Angry ‘Jeopardy!’ Fan

The odd response apparently tickled Jennings, because he screenshot the fan’s message and added his own reply. And in true Jeopardy! fashion, the host switched from barbecue humor to literary deep cuts in an instant.

“It is with a heavy heart that I must announce I have had to block E.E. Cummings,” Jennings wrote in reaction to the annoyed fan.

Jennings’ reply is both incredible and about as nerdy as it gets. The E.E. Cummings joke isn’t a dig at the fan’s response itself but the way it was structured. E.E. Cummings was an early 1900s poet, famous for his modernist free-form poetry. In other words, he structured his work without regard for the rules of grammar.

The highbrow humor caught the attention of NPR Host Peter Sagal, who responded with an E.E. Cummings joke of his own. “Nobody, not even the rain, has such small thoughts,” he wrote, parodying the 1931 poem “somewhere i have never travelled,gladly beyond.”

The witty response was not only the top comment beneath the post but earned a laugh from Jennings himself.

There were plenty of inside-baseball replies from Jeopardy! fans as well. “James Holzhauer’s avant-garde burner account,” one fan wrote, referring to the recent “feud” between Jennings and Holzhauer. “E.E. Goings,” another added.