‘Jeopardy!’ Icon Ken Jennings to Appear on Co-Host Mayim Bialik’s Comedy Series

by Joe Rutland

What in the wide world of Jeopardy! is going on here with Ken Jennings appearing on Mayim Bialik‘s sitcom season premiere? This is one crossover that we didn’t know that we needed. Well, Jennings pops up on the Fox sitcom Call Me Kat, which stars Bialik, as it opens up for Season 3.

It is quite unique to see them together in the same space because their host times are different. In case you didn’t know, Jennings will host starting in September and will run through December. Bialik will be busy hosting Celebrity Jeopardy! starting in September, but she doesn’t get on the daytime show until January.

Sitcom Will Pit ‘Jeopardy!’ Hosts In Some Scenes Together

And her schedule for filming Call Me Kat might interfere with her game show duties. We don’t know if it will right now, but show producers are making arrangements for that possibility. What does the Ken-Mayim sitcom appearance look like? We get some details from TV Insider. But let’s turn the clock back to a Season 2 finale for the sitcom.

Kat, Bialik’s character, decided to leave her Louisville cat cafe for a little trip over to Paris. Well, she’s coming back home and wants to talk about it. Sitting next to her on the flight home happens to be none other than Jennings. In the storyline, it appears that Jennings wants to get some sleep and is more interested in that than hearing about Kat’s adventures. Seeing how they play off one another is bound to be hilarious.

Thankfully, Bialik is feeling a lot better these days after a bout with COVID-19. The Blossom actress has put that behind her and is working on her sitcom. Old-school Bialik fans will remember her from a previous NBC sitcom. She had some visitors from that show, namely her fellow costars from Blossom, show up last season on Call Me Kat. There is no word if we will be getting a Jim Parsons appearance from Bialik’s other sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. On that show, she played Amy, who was Sheldon’s girlfriend. Parsons played Sheldon on there.

As of now, it looks like Bialik is on schedule to finish up her filming duties for that sitcom. She, though, might need additional time. Jeopardy! show producers are keeping their eye on it, too. Fans of Ken Jennings probably would not mind seeing him come back in the new year and host additional episodes. That is one possibility they might weigh should Bialik need more time. Still, seeing both of them together on Call Me Kat is bound to bring some laughs from different places. Bialik’s sitcom looks like it’s bringing a lot of laughs to viewers, too.