‘Jeopardy!’ Icon Ken Jennings Says He Got Confused for a Hollywood Star, Social Media Hilariously Reacts

by Shelby Scott

Jeopardy! is taking a brief hiatus ahead of its season 39 premiere this September. Meanwhile, its hosts, Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik, are likely at home taking time for themselves. That said, fame has a funny way of affecting your image. For Ken Jennings, it saw the beloved brainiac mistaken for longtime film actor Richard Jenkins. Taking to Twitter with photos of Jenkins from his hit film Step Brothers and a typed note from a fan, Jennings and social media alike had hysterical responses to the mix-up.

The note pictured in Ken Jennings’ tweet is hilarious, especially because the Richard Jenkins fan specifically references the reader’s work. In it, they wrote, “Hi Mr. Jennings, I hope that all is going well for you. I am a fan of your work and was hoping, if it would be possible, to have you sign my items that I’ve enclosed.”

The rest of the letter is mostly hidden by photos of Jenkins on the set of Step Brothers. However, it’s Ken Jennings’ reaction that garnered the best responses. Sharing the fan mail online, he wrote, “Sir these are all photos of Richard Jenkins.”

The post, which has seen nearly eight thousand likes and received a multitude of mixed comments, saw several fans humorously imagining Ken Jennings in some of Richard Jenkins’ most beloved roles.

“[W]ow i can’t believe shake mcguire from cheaper by the dozen is the host of jeopardy,” one fan quipped. Another wrote, “Somewhere, Richard Jenkins is opening an envelope full of photos of Ken Jennings.”

A final Jeopardy! fan commented, “twitter asked me if this was relevant and it absolutely was.”

Ken Jennings to Continue Cohosting ‘Jeopardy!’ Beside Mayim Bialik

On a more serious note, Jeopardy! finally provided fans with an update regarding its hosting decision for the upcoming season. And, whether we like it or not, the beloved game show has decided to move forward with both Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik as cohosts. For some fans, the weeks-long wait prefacing the announcement wasn’t worth it as many are angered that Jennings will not return as the show’s sole host. In fact, many fans have threatened to boycott.

“Will not be watching [Jeopardy!] until [Ken Jennings] becomes the primary and only host,” one fan decried. “This switching stuff sucks! [Boycott Jeopardy!] because they have idiots running it. What a mess.”

Another posted, “No one is thrilled to see Mayim co-hosting at all, if you’d listen to the people most of us preferred Ken as the full-time host over Mayim Bialik.”

They further shared predictions for Jeopardy!‘s ratings when the show returns with both Bialik and Ken Jennings.

“Watch when viewership goes down when Mayim hosts & then goes back up with Ken.”

I suppose we’ll have to tune in to season 39 when it premieres this September to see what truly happens.