‘Jeopardy’ Icon Ken Jennings Is Set to Compete on Another Game Show

by Taylor Cunningham

Jeopardy! superstar Ken Jennings is looking to make history on yet another game show. Next season, he’ll try his hand at $100,000 Pyramid. And apparently, the appearance has been a long time in the making.

The trivia wiz posted the news to his Twitter account yesterday. And he admitted that he’s been dying for the chance to play on the Michael Strahan-led show for years.

“I’m aware that I have a very weird and specific bucket list, but this was a biggie: I get to play on the next season of Pyramid!” he wrote.

The series is a revival of the show by the same name that Dick Clark and John Davidson hosted from 1979 to 1991. In it, contestants pair with celebrities to guess words or phrases on a pyramid-shaped gameboard. And if they’re successful, they can win, well, $100,000.

But there have actually been a few times when players have breached the title earnings. Contestant Mike Jenela even won $150,800 on the series. And if anyone is capable of breaking that record, we all know it’s Ken Jennings.

The ‘Jeopardy!’ Co-Host Will Join as a Celebrity Guest During Season 6

Season six premieres on July 10th, and it won’t just bring the Jeopardy! master to the screen. Other celebrity guests include recording artist Wiz Khalifa, Olympic champion Lindsey Vonn, and Seinfeld alum Jason Alexander.

Fans are, of course, thrilled to see how Jennings will fare on the game show. In the comments of his announcements, people are showing their support and hoping to see his genius shine more in the future.

“Are you trying to be on every game show?” one user asked. “Because that would be a pretty cool goal.”

“The next Mr. Jeopardy! on the Pyramid. You rock, Mr. Ken,” another fan added.

And people have good reason to be excited for Ken Jenning’s appearance on $100,000 Pyramid. Because out of the nearly 40 years worth of contestants that have starred on Jeopardy!, Ken Jennings stands as the longest-running. After winning an impressive 74 straight competitions in 2004, he took home over $4.3 million.

Lately, Jennings has been busy tag-teaming with Mayim Bialik to co-host Jeopardy! Since former host, Alex Trebek, passed away from cancer in 2020, the series has been struggling to find a permanent replacement.

Fans have been rooting for Jennings to take the gig permanently. However, Bialik has been standing behind the podium for the majority of the episodes this season. And recently, the chance of him taking the job has looked grimmer. As he announced earlier this month, he will be stepping away from the game show for a least a few months.