‘Jeopardy!’ Host Ken Jennings Reveals the New ‘Song of the Summer’

by Joe Rutland

Ken Jennings of Jeopardy! is laying down some wisdom about his new “song of the summer” for his Twitter followers. Jennings has been taking a break from his TV duties recently. But we understand that break time is coming to an end. So, Jennings is offering some thoughts here. Right now, Jeopardy! viewers are seeing Mayim Bialik hold down the hosting role behind the show’s famed podium.

Earlier, Jennings let his fans know that he would be returning before the show finishes its season in late July. Well, here we are in mid-July and waiting for an official word. One show that we know Jennings will not be returning to is the ABC game show The Chase. But we know you want to know about Jeopardy! news.

Ken Jennings of ‘Jeopardy!’ Shares Tender Words About Alex Trebek

The show recently announced that they would be welcoming fans back in person. People can purchase tickets for next season and attend. That’s a major update indeed. Jennings headed over to Twitter and shared some tender words. He even mentioned late longtime host Alex Trebek in his comments. “This is very exciting,” Jennings wrote. “Nobody would be more pleased about this than Alex himself. He was a natural showman (as anyone who ever saw a Jeopardy! taping can attest) and was never quite as happy doing the audience-less shows of the pandemic era. We’re back, Alex!”

For anyone who follows Jennings on social media, then you know that he loves sharing interesting facts. They may not always be about the game show, either. Back in June, he shared a “strange and beautiful” fact with them. His reply would come after a tweet from sports anchor Owen Siebring asks about the show’s structure if you will. “Maybe you’ve addressed this before, but what happens on @Jeopardy when somebody happens to win the game with like $600? If 2nd place gets 2K and 3rd place gets 1K, does the winner really earn less than both of their competitors whom they just beat?” Siebring tweeted. Jennings had a reply. “Yes! Sometimes @Jeopardy is a strange and beautiful mystery.”

While there are many fans of Jeopardy! wanting a solution to the permanent host drama, there is no word yet at all. For the time being, Jennings and Bialik will continue to share host duties. Heck, there even are some fans who don’t want either one behind the podium on a full-time basis. It’s become a mystery, if you will, to what show producers are going to do about this. Of course, they might also want a resolution to this, too. Their first decision around Mike Richards didn’t work out at all. So, all we can do is wait and see what will happen.