‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Ken Jennings Has Hilarious Reaction to News the Earth Is Spinning Faster

by Joe Rutland

If you follow Ken Jennings of Jeopardy! fame, then you know that he’s pretty good about sharing interesting items. For instance, Ken happened to find out an interesting tidbit. Did you know that the Earth is spinning faster? That’s according to a tweet from Insider Paper. Jennings shares that information but also offers his unique spin on it. This is totally in the style fans know is Ken’s. Well, let’s see what he’s saying in connection with this news.

One of his fans had an interesting comment to make on Wednesday. This person writes, “So this is why I get dizzy when I stand up. And I just thought it was because I’m an old f*ck.” Some of us are getting older and this dizziness might happen due to the faster spin that the Earth is taking right now. If we get more Earth-spinning news from Jennings, then we will pass it along.

Ken Jennings Of’Jeopardy!’ Gets Confused For Hollywood Star

You might have to forgive him if he’s not following Insider Paper all the time. Jennings is a busy man and he’s getting ready to kick off his time as Jeopardy! host in September. Right now, the show is running some reruns for fans. Also, you can see old episodes on the streaming platform PlutoTV. When new episodes start running in September, then you’ll see Jennings behind the podium. He not only kicks off a new season but Jennings will be the host of the Tournament of Champions. That, along with the Second Chance tournament, will happen in the fall.

If you are looking for Mayim Bialik to return, then she will do so starting in January. As some longtime followers of Jennings know, he has a lot of love and respect for late host Alex Trebek. He even mentioned him in some comments after being named one of the show’s permanent hosts. After all, Ken won the Tournament of Champions with Trebek as host.

While we are on Ken news, recently he happened to be confused for a Hollywood star. Nope, Jennings has not “gone Hollywood” himself as he appears to keep his ego in check. But there was a tweet where Jennings shares some photos and a letter he received. Well, Jennings points out that the photos actually do show Step Brothers actor Richard Jenkins with John C. Reilly and Will Farrell. If you take a look at the pictures, then it’s really hard to see Jennings reflected in them. While Ken may have a tight hairline, he’s not bald. Jenkins has a very clear bald spot on his head. For this fan looking to connect with Jennings, then he’s probably out of luck when seeking autographs.