‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Ken Jennings Jokes His Book Club Is Furious Over His Elvis Presley-Themed Pick

by Sean Griffin

Ken Jennings, widely regarded as the best Jeopardy! contestant of all-time and now a host, recently took to Twitter to unveil a humorous new book club selection.

Jennings tweeted, “The book club is absolutely furious over my selection this month.” He then attached a picture of the book he’d chosen. The book is called Are You Hungry Tonight? Elvis’ Favorite Recipes.

Clearly, Jennings is a fan of both Elvis Presley and the King’s culinary tastes. The cover photo features a hot dog, fried chicken, and a roast with vegetables in the background.

Twitter users were quick to respond to Ken Jennings’ tweet. One user referred to the unidentified topping on the cover photo’s hot dog. They wrote, “Hot dog with what on it?”

One user, @CamBNewton, responded with a meme featuring Austin Butler’s Elvis Presley in the 2022 biopic Elvis.

Other users asked where they could join Ken Jennings’ book club. Another fan sarcastically tweeted, “I’m looking for Elvis’ favorite vegan, gluten free, keto friendly option for somebody with a nut allergy.”

More Reactions to Ken Jennings’ Elvis-Themed Tweet

User @JoanReno wrote about one inclusion she hoped to find in the book.

It’s no secret that Elvis had an affinity for peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Another user tweeted about the southern delicacy.

“Elvis loved his peanut butter and banana sandwiches,” user @CTElizabeth wrote. “A fine Southern tradition.”

@shanita911 wrote “I thought this was INSANE until I tried it – turns out it’s delicious. Fun Fact: the South NEVER disappoints when it comes to food!” They finished the tweet, writing, “Ok, I made up that ‘fact’ but it’s certainly never disappointed me.”

However, one user named @JonStuartMill2 replied back to that tweet, saying “I guess you’ve never tried chitterlings aka chitlins.”

User @diva013 came to clarify the peanut butter and banana sandwich situation. “2 pages of peanut butter and banana sandwiches,” the tweet that garnered eight likes said. Apparently, there are two pages dedicated to Elvis’ favorite snack.

Another user @aimeefriedman responded with a pun referencing an Elvis classic and his recipe book. “Heartburn Hotel,” they simply wrote.

One user made another Elvis-recipe book pun that was well-received by others.

User @JarrettGC wrote, “Should have chosen his slow cooker recipe book, Jailhouse Crock.” This is in reference to the King’s famous hit “Jailhouse Rock.”

Other users started getting in on the pun-fun. Twitter user @MarcMcD rattled off a few pun-centric Elvis cookbook titles.

“At least they didn’t go with ‘Don’t Be Gruel.’ #elviscookbooktitles,” he wrote.

The same user then replied to his own tweet, writing, “Lunch Me Tender #elviscookbooktitles.”

Another pun referenced one of Elvis’ classic movies, Viva Las Vegas. One user wrote, “Velveeta Las Vegas.”

It’s safe to say that Ken Jennings inspired many terrific Elvis puns with his book club’s new choice.