‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Ken Jennings Passes Along Strange Photo That ‘Ruins’ His Day Every Time He Sees It

by Joe Rutland

Leave it to Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings to bring us a photo that even he finds somewhat troublesome in his own photo roll. We would ask him why does he have this photo? Also, does it add some spice to his life when he sees it? Apparently not. Ken Jennings knows how to help people along in their winning ways on TV. When it comes to food, though, we might have some questions to ask him.

Snap Of Cereal Happens To Tick Off Ken Jennings When It Comes Up On Phone

Fans are chiming in with their responses, too. One writes, “That looks disgusting”. Another one says, “Hard pass.” This one writes, “No thanks I don’t wanna start my day with that ever”. One more for the road: “Well, thanks for that. A bowl of regular corn flakes will now seem so boring. To think I could have been adding egg all this time”. Yeah, we’re not too sure about the salsa part here, either. Some people probably find this a tasty bit of food. Ken Jennings is not among the fans of Morning Migas.

What else is he up to these days? Well, fans of Jeopardy! are not seeing him on there right now. Jennings is taking off for a few months from the show. In his absence, fellow host Mayim Bialik is overseeing the contestants and their efforts to win. But hardcore fans of the show are hoping that Jennings is named the permanent host. They are tired of the back-and-forth between two hosts.

Ken Fans Are Hoping Recent News About Mayim Bialik Sitcom Helps Their Man Out

Now recently, there was some news about Bialik that has them crossing their fingers. Like, could this be the news that seals the deal for a permanent host role for Ken Jennings? We don’t know as show producers have not made the call yet about a permanent host. Bialik has a sitcom named Call Me Kat on Fox that recently received a go-ahead for another season. Ken fans see this as an opening for Jeopardy! to make their man the No. 1 host. Period.

Well, Ken Jennings loves to share things on Twitter. Case in point: Morning Migas. But he travels around, too, and happened to be staying in a hotel. Jennings decided to let his fans see how the hotel’s carpet layout looked in the hallway. It reminded him of the Jack Nicholson horror film The Shining. Whether he is traveling during these months away from his hosting duties, we don’t know. But he’s going to keep the content coming for his fans. We will let you know when Ken is returning to Jeopardy! too.