Ken Jennings Makes Hilarious Observation About ‘Better Call Saul’ Timeline on Twitter

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Ken Jennings knows his pop culture references, and he’s not afraid to wield them on Twitter. Once upon a time, it was his job to know all kinds of random facts.

But Ken Jennings’ recent post on Twitter does an excellent job of blending past and present pop culture. Right now, everyone’s talking about the hit AMC show “Better Call Saul,” a prequel and spin-off of “Breaking Bad.” Since the flagship show started in the late 2000s, “Better Call Saul” takes place a few years before that. Specifically around 2004.

Now, 2004 is an important year to Jennings, because that’s when he went on his historic 74-day “Jeopardy!” winning streak. But the year apparently holds significance for him for another reason.

“If Better Call Saul is really set in 2004, how come no one is ever talking about Homestar Runner?” Ken Jennings posted on Twitter earlier.

For those wondering, Homestar Runner is a flash-animated comedy web series created in 2000. It became immensely popular and spawned several inside jokes and references to their unique characters. Several fans commented on Jennings’ post with said inside references.

“The Salamancas would be no match for Teen Girl Squad,” one fan commented.

“Better Email Strongbad,” another person said, referencing a specific spinoff series.

“Would it kill the writers to include a Trogdor shoutout?” someone else wrote.

Ken Jennings Terrifies Fans on Twitter With ‘The Shining’ Reference

When Ken Jennings isn’t talking about “Jeopardy!” or his “Kennections” on Twitter, he’ll usually post something comical. Earlier this week, the game show host made a classic movie reference that both delighted and terrified fans.

During a recent hotel stay, Jennings noticed that the carpet in this particular hotel looked oddly familiar. He soon realized that he recognized it from the classic Stephen King film, “The Shining.” If you’ll remember, we see this hexagonal pattern on the carpet as a little boy rides his tricycle down the hallway. At the end of the hallway stand two twin girls, looking absolutely creepy.

“This hotel has Shining carpet. It’s a fun nod for movie buffs! Or I’m going to get murdered,” Ken Jennings wrote on Twitter earlier.

As one fan said, why not both? It’s entirely possible that the hotel could be making a reference to the classic slasher film and that Ken Jennings could get murdered. It may not be likely, but it is possible.

Other fans chimed in with advice for the “Jeopardy!” host. “Stay away from women in bathtubs,” one fan commented.

Another person said, “Please run if you see twins, a tricycle, or a woman in your bathroom.”

It looks like Ken Jennings made it okay, but things definitely could’ve gone differently for him in this “The Shining” inspired hotel.