Ken Jennings Reveals His ‘Favorite New Jeopardy Thing’ After Ryan Long’s Win Streak Ends

by Leanne Stahulak

Even when he’s not hosting “Jeopardy!“, game show legend Ken Jennings loves to stay up to date with it and cheer on winning contestants.

Including Ryan Long, who recently made “Jeopardy!” history with a 16-day streak. Long now sits at ninth on the Leaderboard of Legends for consecutive wins, which Ken Jennings tops with 74 wins.

This past week, Long’s incredible streak came to an end after 16 games. To thank fans and reflect on his journey, Long wrote a moving blog post for the “Jeopardy!” website. Jennings then shared this post with fans on Twitter.

“These essays from departing super champs are my favorite new @Jeopardy thing,” Ken Jennings wrote in his post.

Honestly, we don’t blame him. Reading Long’s testimony gives fans great perspective on his journey, even from before he made it onto the show. We can understand what being on “Jeopardy!” meant to him, especially once he started performing well and earning hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And, like Ken Jennings said, Long isn’t the only super champ to write a moving essay. Mattea Roach, a 23-day champ who fell a few weeks ago, also wrote an emotional testimony about her time on the show. And before that, it was Amy Schneider, who went further than any “Jeopardy!” contestant aside from Jennings himself.

Matt Amodio has also written a reflective piece, but it was not posted on the “Jeopardy!” website. Regardless, it’s inspiring and humbling to read about the thoughts of these legends who have gone further than most contestants ever do. This season has certainly been unprecedented, and Jennings acknowledges that when he says that reading super champ essays is his new “thing.”

When He’s Not Posting About ‘Jeopardy!’, Ken Jennings Like to Post Hilarious Tweets Like This ‘Hot Take’ From His Kid

Even nearly 20 years after his rise to fame, Ken Jennings still stays relevant with his fans and followers. Mostly by hosting “Jeopardy!” and competing on game shows like “The Chase” on ABC. But he’s also just a hilarious guy who’s not afraid to crack a silly joke online.

One of his most recent jokes had to do with a “hot take” one of his two children told him about. Hot takes usually create division between online users, but rarely do you see users divided over… state flags?

“If you think the takes on Twitter are hot, my kid just told me that all the state flags except New Mexico and Wyoming are bad,” Jennings wrote earlier this week.

Fans quickly flooded the comments with their thoughts on this. Many agreed that New Mexico does have a superior flag design. But a surprising number of fans also came at Jennings in support of the Maryland flag. See the comments for yourself in the post below.