Kevin Bacon Shares Another Music Video Covering Viral Song

by Joe Rutland

Actor Kevin Bacon is back with another music video and he’s covering a viral song that’s simply titled It’s Corn. We find the Footloose actor relaxing and comfortable in this video. But you can tell that he’s getting some help in playing his guitar. You cannot miss Bacon keeping the beat with his own corn cob. It’s brilliant. Oh, you have to also wait until the end of his musical work. That’s going to surprise some of you and even make you smile. When we saw it, it brought a smile ot our faces. Go ahead and check out Kevin Bacon making some beautiful music.

There is a backstory to this song, Billboard indicates. We go back to August and make a visit to a web channel titled Recess Therapy. It happened to post a video of an interview with a kid named Tariq. He’s become quite popular and known as the “corn kid.” Well, this interview showed Tariq really letting people know how much he loves corn on the cob. This interview was reportedly shot through the viral video world on two major platforms, YouTube and TikTok.

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The interview would get remixed by The Gregory Brothers and that was what added a touch to the interview. With their handiwork, the video has gone viral and is very, very popular. When their version of It’s Corn came out in late August, it started getting a lot of attention. Now, according to Billboard, the video has been seen nearly 2.4 million times on YouTube. Also, TikTok videos have been using the song immensely. Would you believe more than 400,000 TikTok videos have used the song? That’s quite a haul indeed.

If this looks like a new thing for Bacon to do, then we have some news for you. It’s not. He’s even covered songs from people like Beyonce and Harry Styles in the recent past. And he has shared them with the world on social media, too. It looks like Bacon might have a side hustle with his music if he wants it. Recently, in other Kevin Bacon-related news, he talked about how his wife Kyra Sedgwick got injured during a Footloose contest on TikTok.

He’s also been quite open about how supportive she has been of his career and vice versa. Bacon talked about it with People back in 2020. “Kyra and I believe in each other as actors, as directors, and as talent,” he said. “She’s never been anything other than supportive of me. She doesn’t have a competitive bone in her body when it comes to me. She takes my successes as hers. I’m the same way.”