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Kevin Nash Fans Slam Him for Using His Son’s Death to Get More YouTube Subscribers

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

Former pro wrestler Kevin Nash is getting some heat for wanting to get more YouTube subscribers in light of his own son dying. Nash headed out on Twitter and put the call for fans to subscribe to his podcast “Kliq This.” The name is a reference to a pro wrestling group of wrestlers who were together a number of years ago in the WWE. But Nash is hearing it from fans who don’t like the way he’s going about his business. Namely, asking for more subscribers after his son died. It appears from Nash’s tweet that his son wanted more subscribers to get on board. Still, the way that Nash has been going about it does not sit well with fans. We do have one response highlighted in a tweet sent by one fan.

Another fan replied, “Cmon bro stop”. Then another fan chimed in with this response to that fan: “I mean, he ain’t wrong brah”. Want another fan chiming in on the comments? We’ve got you covered. This fan said, “He is wrong, he clearly stated why he wants it. He didn’t say come listen, he said please sub to get this plaque that my son wanted. How much clearer does it have to be? Plus why does Kevin Nash need a podcast to be popular when he’s obviously not known for financial issues.” Tristen Cash, Kevin and Tamara Cash’s son, died at 26 years old. Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful broke the news about Tristen’s death to the world.

Fans Take Their Stances Around Kevin Nash Request on Twitter

This fan commented, “MY SON DIED PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND DONT FORGET TO LIKE, IM SO SAD BTW”. But this fan had some words for the original commenter on Nash’s post. “He entertained fans for years putting his life and body on the line nights and years on end. He’s literally asking for one thing from us and you as a “fan” take this opportunity to try and humiliate and demoralize him is appalling and everything wrong with society now days.” this person wrote. The original commenter replied, “He made millions of dollars for his troubles. I could care less about any of the other things you said”.

And some fans were taking their wrath out on @RainmakerX2. One wrote, “His son died, have some dignity and respect.” Another fan said, “The only thing shameless and ugly here id your comment! What is wrong with you dude?” Here’s another commenter making their presence felt by writing, “How much does it suck to be you pal !” Besides in the WWE, Kevin Nash wrestled for the TNA promotion (now known as Impact!).